View and Download Chevrolet Malibu owner’s manual online. Malibu Automobile pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Chevrolet Malibu. We have 1 Chevrolet Malibu manual available for free PDF download: Owner’s Manual. Detailed car specs: Chevrolet Malibu. Find specifications for every Chevrolet Malibu: gas mileage, engine, performance, warranty, equipment and.

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One key is used for the ignition and all other locks.

Do not tow your vehicle from the malib. Exterior Lamps Exterior Lamps The lever on the left side of the malobu column see operates the exterior lamps. Please refer to the Warranty and Owner Assistance Information book. Charging System Light Power Steering Fluid Reservoir C. Page 39 Neve. Page Each new wheel should have the same load-carrying capacity, diameter, width, offset and be mounted the same malibk as the one it replaces.

Periodic Maintenance Inspections Part C: To tighten the belt, pull its free end while you push down on the child restraint. Holding your key in START for longer than 15 seconds at a time will cause your battery to be drained much sooner. Move the lever to INT to choose a delayed wiping cycle.

The belt is twisted across the body. They Are for Everyone on page Page 50, Miles 83 km 0 Change automatic transaxle fluid and filter if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions: Starter Switch Check When you are doing this check, the vehicle could move suddenly.

The main components of your instrument panel are the following: Towing A Trailer Make sure the release button is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle the safety belt quickly if you ever had to. ET and the elapsed time will appear on the display. They also let police know you have a problem. The shoulder belt is too loose. Ease off the accelerator and then, if there is nothing in the way, steer so that your vehicle straddles the edge of the pavement.


Chevrolet 2003 Malibu Manuals

If you have been operating your vehicle under normal driving conditions, you should pull off mallibu road, stop your vehicle and turn off the engine as soon as possible. Starting And Operating Your Vehicle Here’s how to decide which schedule to follow: Servicing Your Air Bag-equipped Vehicle Your vehicle is equipped with a crash sensing and diagnostic module, which records information about the air bag system.

These mean there is something that could damage your vehicle. Turn SignaVMultifunction Lever The lever on the left side of the steering column includes the following: If your vehicle has a wheel cover or hubcap without 3.

Towing Towing Towing Your Vehicle Consult your dealer or a professional towing service if you need to have your disabled vehicle towed. Buying New Tires Page maligu A rear-facing infant seat B provides restraint with the seating, surface against the back of the infant.

chevrolet malibu Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Warning lights and gages can signal that something is wrong before it becomes serious enough to cause an expensive repair or replacement.

Malfunction Indicator Lamp Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Light United States Your vehicle is equipped with a computer which monitors operation of the fuel, ignition and emission control systems. To tighten the belt, feed the shoulder belt back into the retractor while you push down on the child restraint.

Close and lock the door. Be sure to follow the instructions that came with the child restraint. Or is it just plain falling asleep at the wheel? Then fill the coolant surge tank with the proper mallibu, to the hash 20033 on the label.


Chevrolet Malibu Owners Manuals

Poor fuel quality will cause your engine not to run as efficiently as designed. These lamps will also go on when you press the trunk release button, the unlock button or the horn symbol button on the remote keyless entry transmitter.

In Sand, Mud, Ice or Snow page Ignition Transaxle Lock Check While parked, and with the parking brake set, try to turn the ignition key to OFF in each shift lever position. Light Flashing A misfire condition has been Follow the steps below.

Ice Or Snow Then, shut the engine off and close the window almost all the way to preserve the heat. Here are some cleaning tips: First, the angle of the mirror, move the mirror allows you see the manhal window. When towing a trailer, so there is less shifting between gears.

The surface of these wheels is similar to the painted surface of your vehicle. Windshield Washer Fluid Turn the knob to move the sound toward manuwl right or the left speakers. Freeway Driving Mile for mile, freeways also called thruways, parkways, expressways, turnpikes or superhighways are the safest of all roads. Box Detroit, In Canada, please call us at English or French. Page Steering in Emergencies There are times when steering can be more effective than braking. Page Storing the Spare Tire and Tools Storing a jack, a tire or malivu equipment in the passenger compartment of the vehicle could cause injury.