The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness by Alan Watts book review. Click to read the full review of The Joyous.

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Quotes from The Joyous Cosmol I imagine it must be some of his far-out friends in a great session of nonsense-chanting. The feeling that there is something wrong in all this revolves around a contradiction characteristic of all civilizations.

But with the rarest exceptions even scientists do not feel themselves to exist in this way. But what are the stimuli necessary and sufficient to overthrow the domination of the conceptual and to open up the “potential forms of consciousness”?

For the conscious will, working against the grain of instinct, is the interiorization, the inner echo, of social demands upon the individual coupled with the picture of his role or identity which he acquires from parents, teachers, and early associates. He has an intuitive sensitivity for news, for the crucial issues and events of the century.

For a long time we have been accustomed to the compartmentalization of religion and science as if they were waths quite different and basically unrelated ways of seeing the world. In The Doors of Perception Aldous Huxley has given us a superbly written account of the effects of mescaline upon a highly sensitive person. To overstep the limits of brotherly love cannot, therefore, be understood as anything but an immediate swing to its opposite pole.

Light, sound, touch, taste, and smell become a continuous warp, with the feeling that the whole dimension of sensation is a single continuum or field. The principle is that all dualities and opposites are cosmollgy disjoined but polar; they do not encounter and confront one another from afar; they exfoliate from a common center. Looking intently at the pictures picturing, I only gradually become conscious of the music, and at first cannot decide whether I am hearing an instrument or a human voice simply falling.

Because most news is bad news, these accidents received full coverage aan the press, to the relative exclusion of reports on the overwhelming majority of such splendid and memorable experiences as I describe further on. It’s an important Watts book for any fan of his to have in their collection, esp.

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Alan Watts. The Joyous Cosmology, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)

The courtiers become angels with wings of golden fire, and in cosmloogy center of the arena there appears a pool of wtts flame. For in the brain there are echoes and reflected images in every dimension of sense, thought, and feeling, chattering on and on in the tunnels of memory.

It seems to me a sound legal principle that people should be prosecuted only for overt and clearly specifiable deeds, damaging or clearly intended to damage life, limb, and property.

There is thus little opportunity for the alert and critical thinker cksmology share at first hand in the modes of consciousness that seers and mystics are trying to express-often in archaic and awkward symbolism. Within this arena some kind of ritual is being performed in time with the music. Another from Alan Watts, creator rest his soul, that is just unbelievably well done. They mean something jouous they are being transformed into my brain, and my brain is an organ of meaning.

But these are all different languages for the same thing, different qualities of sensitivity, different dimensions of consciousness.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

This book offers some one hundred thirty something pages of material for your perusal, but after removing the introduction, foreword, preface, prologue yes, they were all there! Is there, in short, a medicine which can give us coxmology the sensation of being integrated, of being fully one with ourselves and with nature as the biologist knows us, theoretically, to be?

Comsology philosophy is certainly debatable, which more often seems spontaneous and not really thought over deeply. The hummingbirds are soaring up and falling in their mating dance, as if there were someone behind the bushes playing ball with them.

Somehow I cannot quite reconcile Danielou, the pandit of pandits, with this delirious outpouring of human bird-song. It’s a gesture of motion, of sound, of color, and just as no one is making it, it isn’t happening to anyone.

The shock of recognition. The hills are moving into their stillness. This is why free association is such a valuable cosnology in psychotherapy; its limitation is that it is purely verbal.

Alan Watts spells out in eloquent detail his drug-induced visionary moments. But Alan Watts is playing the book aalan, the word game, and the reader is his contracted partner. Aug 27, Tushar Poddar rated it liked it. To understand this wonderful but difficult book it is wtts to make the artificial distinction between the external and the internal.

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Within them, trunks, boughs, and twigs moist black behind the sunlit green. He likes it or dislikes it. The subjective effects of all three tend to be rather similar, though LSD, perhaps because of the minute dosage required, seldom produces the nauseous reactions so often associated with the other two. In addition to this quiet and contemplative mode of meditation there seems to me to be an important place for another, somewhat akin to the spiritual exercises of the dervishes.

Alan Watts xosmology one of the great reporters of our times.

Divided matter and form becomes unified pattern-in-process. Decision can be completely paralyzed by the sudden realization that there is no way of having good without evil, or that it is impossible to act upon reliable authority without choosing, from your own inexperience, to do so.

In more recent years, however, our culture has become aware of a disturbing imbalance. I cannot decide where shape ends and color begins.

The offenders seldom feel guilty but often positively righteous in their opposition to this legal hypocrisy, and so emerge from prison loathing and despising the social order more than ever. I begin to congratulate the priest on his gamesmanship, on the sheer courage of being able to put up such a performance of authority when he knows precisely nothing. I begin to see the self and other, the familiar and the strange, the internal and the alam This is a book.

Become What You Are. But I qualified as an jpyous insofar as I had also a considerable intellectual knowledge of the psychology and philosophy of religion: Leaves, green with the pale, yellow-fresh green that I remember from the springtimes of my childhood in Kentish spinneys, where breaking buds were spotted all over the hazel branches in a floating mist.

I call to everyone to gather round. Some will certainly not be able to relate. Then rhythm to enchant.