Environment – Good Work Canada green jobs – http: Endangered Species International – http: Microeconomic Theory in Canada – http: Library – Library Workers Fact Sheet – http: Dictionary of Occupational Titles Index – http:

Vietnam Memorial Wall – http: Socio-cultural anthropology; biological or physical anthropology; archaeology; and linguistics — anything that covers all of these is annotated ‘full field’; otherwise, the annotation is broken down into one of the four subfields. Wetlands International – http: British History Links – http: Private Career Training Institutions Agency www.

World Heritage Site – http: Canadian Occupations – http: National Parks Parks Canada – http: Canadian Cartographic Association – http: Native American Lore index page – http: Everyday Sociology – annotated bibliography ecuad Encyclopedia of TV – http: Alternatives to Violence and War – https: National Historic Sites Parks Canada – http: Structure of the Human Body: Wiki Etiquette PBWiki – http: Drug Information – www. Physics to Go – http: Annotated bibliography ecuad Nonfiction – http: Steve Dotto’s award winning TV show about technology – http: Trinity Western University http: Real Prospects for Energy Efficiency in the US residential, commercial, transportation, industry – http: Vincent Van Gogh Gallery: United Nations Atlas of our Changing Environment – http: Research tip for students: British Colonist online edition, Breast Feeding Medline Plus – http: Museum of Bad Art – http: First World War Guardian Newspaper series – http: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Child Development Timeline Progress Chart 1 month-5 years old – http: Whisky Magazine – http: Giddy’s Finance Resources on the Web – http: Swine Flu National Library of Medicine – http: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – http: Canadian Annotated bibliography ecuad – http: Harvard digital collections – http: From Colony to Country: Art and Architecture Thesaurus Online – http: Poetry Magazine – http: College Student Alliance Ontario post-secondary – http: Business Dictionary Babylon – http: BC’s one-stop e-business resource centre for small and medium-sized enterprises – www.


Canadian Treatment Action Annotated bibliography ecuad – http: BC’s History of Education Web site – http: CNC Home Page – http: GE Geothermal Education Annotated bibliography ecuad – http: Spark Notes physics study guides Harvard – http: Historical Book Arts Annotated bibliography ecuad From Milltown to Downtown: Bank of Montreal – http: BC City Directories, Corporation for Public Broadcasting – http: Prince George maps and address searches – http: Our Future, Our Past: Chemistry, a molecular approach: Vancouver Island University annotated bibliography ecuad Consumer Reports Online Annual Auto ratings – http:

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