ANSI A (), Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities as mandated by law and incorporated by reference by the States and. ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities DWELLING UNITS AND SLEEPING UNITS ยท ERRATA TO ICC/ANSI A, SECOND. The specifications in this standard make sites, facilities, buildings and elements accessible to and usable by people with such physical disabilities as the inability .

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A parallel approach complying with Section shall be permitted to a kitchen sink in a space where a cook top or conventional range is w117 provided. A ansi a117 1 2003 in front of bathtubs extending the length of the bathtub and 30 inches mm minimum in depth shall be provided.

Tac- tile characters shall be 2 inches 51 mm mini- mum in height.

Ansi a117 1 2003 or any portion of a building, structure, or area, including the site on which such building, structure, or area is located, wherein specific ser- vices are provided or activities are performed. Characters shall be sans serif. Lifts with ramps shall com- ply with Section Access aisles shall extend the full length of the parking spaces they serve.

Grab bars shall not be 22003 to ahsi installed in a bathing facility for a single occupant accessed only through a private office and not for common use or public use, provided reinforcement has been installed in walls and located so as to s117 the installation of grab bars complying with Section Where a seat is provided in a standard roll-in type shower, grab ansi a117 1 2003 shall be provided on the back wall and on the wall opposite the seat.

In Type A units, grab bars are not required to be installed where reinforcement com- plying with Section Tele- phones shall be hearing aid compatible. Door closers shall be adjusted so that from an open position of 90 degrees, the time required to move the door to an ansi a117 1 2003 position of 12 degrees shall be 5 seconds minimum.


If provided, thresholds at doorways shall be V 2 inch 13 mm maximum in height. Control end wall grab bars shall comply with Section Anssi rear grab bar shall be permitted to be 24 inches mm minimum in length, centered on the water closet, ansi a117 1 2003 wall space does not permit a grab bar 36 inches mm minimum in length due to the location of a recessed fixture ansi a117 1 2003 to the water closet.

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Handrail brackets or balusters attached to the bottom surface of the handrail shall not be considered obstructions, provided they comply with the following criteria: The reopening device shall not require physical contact to be acti- vated, although contact shall be permitted before the door reverses. Plumbing Ansi a117 1 2003 and Facilities 2.

The International Symbol of Accessibil- ity shall comply with Figure Signs with tactile characters shall be permitted on the push side of doors with closers and without hold-open devices. The clearance between the car platform sill and the edge of any hoistway landing shall be 1 V 4 inches 32 mm maximum. Where existing building floor designa- tions differ from the arrangement required by Section New to the edition ansi a117 1 2003 criteria for elements and fixtures primarily for children’s use; enhanced reach range, criteria; transportation facilities; additional provisions for assembly areas; and an addition and rearrangement for accessible dwelling and sleeping units.

ansi a117 1 2003

Full text of “ANSI A (): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities”

Grab bars shall not rotate within their fittings. Park- ing spaces and access anssi shall be designed so that cars and vans, when parked, cannot obstruct the required clear width of adjacent accessible routes.

Grab bars for water closets shall comply with Section and shall be ansi a117 1 2003 in accordance with Sections In alternate roll-in showers, the controls and hand shower shall be located 38 inches mm minimum and 48 inches mm maximum 2030 the showerfloor.

Printed w117 of bank statements ansi a117 1 2003 checks shall not be required to be audi- ble. Characters shall contrast with their background with either light characters on a dark background, or dark characters on a light back- ground. The requirement for knee and toe clear- ance shall not apply to more than one bowl of a multibowl sink.


2003 ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Landings subject to wet conditions shall be designed to prevent the accu- mulation of water. A vertical grab bar 18 inches mm minimum in length shall be andi on the control end wall 3 inches 75 mm minimum to 6 inches mm maximum above the horizontal grab bar, and 4 inches mm maximum anxi from the front edge of the bathtub. Doors shall ansi a117 1 2003 open for 20 seconds minimum. Unless ansi a117 1 2003 specified, the clear floor space shall be positioned for either for- ward or parallel approach to an element.

Toe clearance shall be permitted to extend 25 inches mm maxi- mum under an element.

Where parking spaces are marked with lines, the width measurements of parking spaces and adja- cent access aisles shall be made from the center- line of the markings. Elevator car controls shall comply with Sections Numeric keys shall be arranged in a key ascending or descending tele- phone keypad layout. Space beneath an element between 9 inches mm and 27 inches mm above the floor shall be considered knee clearance and shall comply with Section Top of gripping surfaces of handrails shall be 34 ansi a117 1 2003 mm minimum and 38 inches mm maximum vertically above stair nosings, ramp surfaces and walking surfaces.

Passing spaces shall be either a 60 inch mm minimum by 60 inch mm minimum ansi a117 1 2003, or an intersection of two walking surfaces that provide a T-shaped turning ansi a117 1 2003 complying with Section Guardrails or other barriers shall be provided where object protru- sion is beyond the limits allowed by Sections Accessible toilet and bathing rooms shall comply with Section