DreamWorks&#; Antz – iTunes Movie Poster. [fist lines, as Z begins to narrate] ; Z: All my life, I’ve live and worked in the big city, which, now what I think of it. Antz is a computer animation film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Pacific Data Images, released October 2, in United States and Canada. Movie Script – A N T Z . One worker ants slips, and the boulder rolls down, crushing his leg. Z looks back, and sees the ants behind staring at him angrily.

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Antz Script at IMSDb.

I should have never let him go. If you’d ever done a day’s labor you’d know what I was talking about. We need to push harder, Cutter. Well, it’s about the termite battle, sir. Below us right now, the weak elements of the colony You’re crazier than I thought. I was talking about a girl for me. Don’t let me natz, Z. Buzz off, pawn of the oppressor. If the termite shock troops enter our colony, well– Yes, General, I know what they can do scripg us.


Why should I be unhappy being a piece of construction equipment?

It really is here. You useless, ungrateful maggot! So, these termites, they’re-they’re Talk With A Pro! The little guy made it! We do have a choice. anz

Switch jobs with me just for a day. You know when you’re the middle child of a family of five million, you don’t get any attention. Investigate Voice Over Class This class is geared towards newcomers, who are unsure how they fit in, who need to learn about all opportunities and determine if they have potential.

Anyone who falls behind is going to have to explain themselves to Colonel Cutter. Well, if you don’t have anything else planned. Well, old boy, saddle up.

He hasn’t contributed yet. Hey, I know the guy. You move it again. And I don’t like you.

Antz – Wikiquote

I mean, she probably won’t even remember you. I think I’m gonna go. See, Mikey, what did I tell you? I can admit it when I’m wrong. That damn Michael Eisner! You’re an ant after my own heart, an ant who looks death in the face and laughs. I-I don’t actually think that I’m a hero.


I mean, it was all horrible. You watch yours, buddy, or you’ll be in big trouble. Ten clicks past the great canyons to the land of red and white. W-Why don’t we try and influence their political process I think – I think you’re thinking of someone else.

I know you will all do you duty. We got us a troublemaker. Go, go, go, go! To some, it is just a word. And I’m working with svript new therapist, you know, terrific, absolutely terrific.

Antz (1998) Movie Script

When you’re the middle child in a family of 5 million, you don’t get any attention. I know almost exactly what I’m doing.

That’s an appealing offer. Don’t you realize that I’m out of your league?