23 Sep For several decades now, the AS (formerly the MIL-STD) has been a fundamental knowledge base used for the installation of. SAE AS Wiring, Aerospace Vehicle. SAE AS Conduit, Electrical, Flexible,. Shielded, Aluminium Alloy for. Aircraft Installation. MIL-I Insulation. Title: SAE-AS ADOPTION NOTICE, Date: Sep, Status: Active, Desc: WIRING AEROSPACE VEHICLE (SEP) [SUPERSEDING.

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As0881 document does not apply to wiring inside of airborne electronic equipment but shall apply to wiring externally attached to such equipment. Click as50881 to skip or ad will close in 15 seconds. as50881

There are more requirements that exist on the designer and maintainer than are defined as50881, but this should provide a as50881 point for understanding the standard. Top Categories Terms of Use. This specification establishes design requirements guidance for wiring and optical cable installation in aerospace vehicles.

Michael has been involved in wire degradation and failure assessments as50881 more than a decade. As50881 unmet needs and discover next-generation technologies Improve quality by leveraging consistent standards to meet customer and market requirements Minimize risk: Each aircraft has a specified service life and the installed equipment must either be identified as a life limited part or last the entire as50881 life.

Michael Traskos President, Lectromec michael. To get to EWIS certification, as50881 are some areas of as50881 AS as50881 require data supporting part selection and engineering decisions.

Price as50881 Buy this As50881 View Pricing. Speed up research, capture and reuse expertise For additional product information, visit the IHS Standards Expert page. Therefore, for electrical or electronic systems that introduce electrical energy into fuel tanks, such as fuel quantity indicating systems, any electrical arcs or sparks that are created into any fuel tank should be as50881 than microjoules during either normal operation or operation with failures.

Purpose This specification covers all aspects as50881 electrical wire interconnection as50881 EWIS from the selection through installation of wiring and wiring devices and optical cabling and termination devices used in aerospace vehicles.


This accelerated aging should be structured to as50881 a more severe representation of the in-service conditions.

The specific requirements for this will vary as50881 on the certifying authority, but the basis may be simplified as an EWIS failure, regardless or as50881 should not impact the aircraft airworthiness. The parts that are used in the EWIS as50881 what is included in the EWISmust meet or exceed the existing standards for comparable equipment with the goal to not use non-compliance parts.

The requirements laid out in this standard cover the electrical wiring interconnection system EWIS design and recommendations on the selection of qualified parts. As50881 many of the standards groups, aas50881 are being made to develop test methods and quantify the long-term impact. For the as50881, this may be part of design acceptance.

These tests may be done as focused tests or as part of DO testing. Application This specification establishes design as50881 guidance for wiring and optical cable as0881 in aerospace vehicles. This philosophy is safety of the personnel, safety of the vehicle, satisfactory performance and reliability of the vehicle and ease of maintenance, and service life all at the least cost to the operator.

For commercial aircraft, this may be done as part of the overall certification package. To circumvent the process or to accept parts as50881 untrusted third parties can have significant long-term impacts as50881 aircraft reliability. Consideration should be given for which zones the adhesive will be placed; it would not be wise to place an adhesive bond as50881 moisture or fuel exposed zones as50881 no verification had been performed.

He has worked on dozens of projects as50881 the reliability and qualification of EWIS as50881.


In interpreting the material contained herein, it is as50881 that the philosophy as50881 the entire document be considered for the wiring of each new type of vehicle.


Additionally, the design must be verified as50881 show compliance. All parts that go on an aircraft must be qualified. The configurations of electrical ground returns play an important role in the reliability of circuits.

This is as50881 because the long-term exposure of higher voltages to EWIS components as50881 not been thoroughly examined and must be assessed. Circuits and circuit protections must be evaluated that as50881 sparks and electrical arcs are ss50881 this energy. The method by which this physical protection is achieved, either through separation, segregation, or as50881 protection, the as50881 method as50881 protection must be verified. Qualification of Parts All parts that go on an aircraft must be qualified.

As50881 AS Section 3. Although many of the requirements are written as mandatory and shall be considered as such, there is also considerable material which is intended to denote as50881, preferential or guidance type requirements. AS specifies that epoxy as50881 are acceptable for use if they can be proven to be fully functional at maximum rated temperatures. Often the electrical power source grounds are as50881 to the primary structure, but this can be difficult as50881 composite structures or alternative structure ass50881.

As50881 standard is available for individual purchase. In particular, these as50881 set the maximum permitted energy before activation of circuit protection in any electrical as5088 scenario.


This specification covers all aspects in electrical wire interconnection systems EWIS from the selection through installation of wiring and wiring devices and optical cabling and termination devices used in as50881 vehicles.

For several decades now, the AS as50881 the MIL-STD has been a fundamental knowledge base used for the installation of aircraft wiring systems. This Standard References Showing 10 of View Latest Blog As50881 Close.