Topics labor, bakunin, freedom, provincial, society, revolutionary, communes, abolition, political, commune, revolutionary catechism, political. Revolutionary Catechism Written: while in prison in Russia, and by command of the Czar, in ; Source: Bakunin on Anarchy, translated and edited by Sam. Catechism of a Revolutionist had a great influence on radical young students At first Bakunin was pleased to see Nechayev but the relationship soon.

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The revolutionary is portrayed in the Catechism as an amoral avenging angel, an expendable resource in the service of the revolution, [6] committed to any crime or treachery necessary to effect the downfall of the prevailing order. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for revolution. With this end in view, the Society therefore refuses to impose any new organization from above.

It is impossible to determine a concrete, universal, and obligatory norm for the internal development and political organization of every nation. Persons who violate voluntary agreements, steal, inflict bodily harm, or above all, violate the freedom of any individual, native or foreigner, will be penalized according to the laws of society.

Women who wish to nurse and wean their children shall also be subsidized.

Affinity group Synthesis anarchism Platformism. Nettlau made fifty copies of them which he deposited in the principal libraries of the world. The secular school must replace the Church, with the difference hakunin while religious indoctrination perpetuates superstition and divine authority, the sole purpose of secular public education revolutionqry the gradual, progressive initiation of children into liberty by the triple development of their physical strength, their minds, and their will.

It was meant to sketch out for new and prospective members of the International Fraternity both the fundamental libertarian principles and a program of action.


When the plan is finally decided upon, then the revolutionist must rely solely on himself. He believed that collective ownership would gradually supersede private ownership.

Catechism of a Revolutionary – Wikipedia

Abolition of all state universities: Cogs in the Cstechism. The revolutionist despises public opinion. He directed all his energy toward safeguarding the expected revolution from the mistakes which had led to the collapse of the revolution of Absolute freedom to organize associations even for allegedly immoral purposes including even those associations which advocate the undermining or destruction of individual and public freedom.

This capital should, of course, be spent as economically as possible in order to derive from it the greatest possible profit. When inequality resulting from the right of inheritance is abolished, there will still remain inequalities [of wealth] — due to the diverse amounts of energy and skill possessed by individuals.

Therefore, bakuinn the particular interests, the vanities, pretensions, jealousies, and hostilities between and among nations must now be transformed into the unified, common, and universal interest of the revolution, which alone can assure the freedom and independence of each nation by the solidarity of all.

The Revolutionary Catechism is primarily concerned with the immediate practical problems of the revolution. Retrieved from ” https: Abolition of all centralized administration, of the bureaucracy, of all permanent armies and state police.

Works of Mikhail Bakunin

It is perfectly true that a certain amount of leisure is absolutely necessary for the artistic, scientific, and mental development of man; creative leisure followed by the healthy exercise of daily labor, one that is well earned and is socially provided for all according to individual capacities and preferences. Immediate direct election of all judicial and civil functionaries as well as representatives national, provincial, and communal delegates by the universal suffrage of both sexes.


Equality does not imply the leveling of individual differences, nor that individuals should be made physically, morally, or mentally identical. Pennsylvania State University Press.

Once the right to secede is established, secession will no longer be necessary. The abolition of all hakunin religions and all privileged churches, including those partially maintained or supported by state subsidies.

The Anarchist Library: Michail Bakunin Revolutionary Catechism a4

Bonanno John Zerzan Bob Black. The evils that the worker is subjected to by the division of labor are much easier to determine: Replacing the cult of God by respect and love of humanity, we proclaim human reason as the only criterion of truth; human conscience as the basis of justice; individual and collective freedom as the only source of order in society.

The artificial separation between manual and intellectual labor must give way to a new social synthesis. It would lead to a worse evil, namely, the restoration of authoritarian institutions. Note by Max Nettlau]. Necessity of recognizing the right of secession: Privilege, based on inequality and the right of conquest and sanctified by divine grace, again separated society into two opposing camps: A country bent on conquest is necessarily a country internally enslaved.

Abolition of all criminal, civil, and legal codes now administered in Europe: Driven to despair by misery, he sometimes revolts, but lacking that unity with his fellow workers and that enlightened thought upon which power catehism, he is often betrayed and sold out by his leaders, and almost never realizes who or what is responsible for his sufferings.