Bedini Monopole 3 Group Experiment – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. This is a hands-on explanation of how to build a monopole energizer based on. John C. Bedini’s patent No. 6,, This system charges lead acid or gel cell. Bedini Monopole SSG – [5] Spool; 3” wide, ” internal, 3” flange. Bifilar Coil, turns (Longer coil = slower recharge between magnet pulse.

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Reluctance Motors, Bedini Advancedmessages extracted from http: Have done very little to document my progress in building a monopole energizer so here are some really poor quality pics to look at.

John Bedini Monopole Generators

Calculating on a ms scale based on top image. Test 1 starts at Tags for this Thread faqmaterialsmonopoleparts list monopold, ssg.

John Bedini has now moved the science of radiant energy one step farther by discovering how mnopole energy can be captured in CHEMICAL loads, such as the electrolyte of a battery!

You may view the motor at: Combined with the hotmelt glue that is holding the magnets to the wheel i think i have a very solid mount now.

John Bedini Monopole Generators :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

Don I think you should put something in place of a blank page. OH forgot the 1kv diode bridge on the third winding, and a 10Uf volt cap, be careful you will fly across the room. Must learn to walk before we can run. Impulses must be short and precise in their successions for ultimate results. Nature does not care what the coil looks like. I have wheel running really well now on 3 bifilar coils, two running the wheel and the other pulsing the ignition coil. You now have the reports from Harlan, Roamer, me and others.


This works really well.

Once I figured out by trial and error, how to solder up the John Bedini Circuit, I made drawings for easy visualizing of the different monopoel joints and component arrangements. I bddini that I had to do it in three sections as my camera is not that good. Also located at Youtube – Video 1 and Video 2. There is no need for anything else on top of the magnets on mine anymore.

Respectfully, Ben To link the article above use: Edit – I really dialed in each circuit with a 1 K pot at the top of the trigger coil of each circuit i tuned it for a combination of best speed vs amp draw.

I monopoke to reitterate the fact that my oscillating setup seems to far surpass the radiant charging that the original desgin could produce. Without it, you go where others tell you as you know no difference.

Recovered back EMF pulse to battery and possibly in series with suggested rotor coils and also recovered energy from generator attached to wheel? To over come this I broke the machine into three patents, which cost my company three times the amount.

When you do this, the semiconductor over heats, because the current to the transistor stays on and becini mechanical oscillator runs slow. Just a place for some project images and comments Don’t have time to read or look at pictures? Due to the length of the recovery pulse and the diameter of the rotor and drive stator core in your motor and with the flipping fields, it tries to slow motor down.


2011 Convention Video 5: Bedini Monopole Energizers 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, and 30 coilers.

Maybe a little less talking in the next video. Virtins Technology includes instructions for making probes in help menu of program note: I have noticed that B channel drops down lower than A with these readings off the collector. The magnetic fields from the inductor coil would interact with the magnetic field from the magnet, as long as the magnet is in range of the coil’s effects.

The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 3. The destination batteries are then discharged to 10 volts under working load to prepare for Test 4. I have to give the wheel a turn to get it oscillating and then stop it to bedinii the transistor to bevini oscillate.

I’m pleased with my progress, however i need to dial in mono;ole proper resistance for each coil while adding more coils to the mix. Heres a up close look at one of my coils. One lead acid gel-cell 12 volts, milliamps is being utilized as the primary source fully charged at Have now added two more coils to the wheel and I’m seeing better charging on the secondary banks now.