Bhugola varnanam by sri vadiraja tirtha maharaja in Sanskrit. found at http://www. To make clear the conecpt and details of the Geography of the whole universe consisting of the fourteen lokas as described In Bhugola Varnanam by Sri. Bhugola Varnanam – An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

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Sc, AgPh. Actually, there will be no shadow upon the sun or the moon. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universeforms my idea of God. The Self is a spiritual entity. No unreleased soul can ever cross it.

Saint Sri Vadiraja has pointed out that ‘Aikya’ means ‘Ekatra bhavah’ or being toge- ther, and not ‘Ekasya bhavah ‘ or becoming one. Vedas are eternal and authorless; but God gives expression to them. They were able to cultivate ceratin mental faculties of man that could probe into the mysteries of the universe much deeper. For the same reason, a man’s cubit measured 24 inches then as against 18 inches now obtaining.

Bhugola Varnanam

They are circular in form. Hidayatulla ‘Heritage’ – Dec.

This is factual and not fictitious. In Srimad Bhagavatam, the hells are said to be located beneath the earth, bjugola above Ghanodaka. This chariot has only one wheel and its course upon the Kala Cakra is varnansm above the Mansottara mountain ring.

Rao’s view saying that there was a systematic governing of the universe by a force outside it. It is strange that the staunch followers of reli- gious teachers believe implicitly whatever those teachers say without using discretion. She remarks that it is good to develop scientific attitude to know things precisely and to be guarded against religious hoaxes. In this way the earth spreads round the Meru centre on all sides and it is there to provide all the needs of living beings including the divine class, the sages, the manes, the sovereigns as well as human beings.


On the other hand, a varnznam is concerned more about finding the ultimate cause behind the universe of our experience such that our life here may become really meaningful.

Geological bhugolq goes thoroughly against it. Vedic literature is truly scientific; but it has escaped the notice of western 32 scientists whose investigations into the past stop with the Greeks of B. The efforts of modern scientists to unravel the secrets of nature have their own limitations and often lead varnana, differing opinions. The velocity of the moon’s chariot, therefore, exceeds that of the sun to far as retrograde motion is concerned.

For example, his translation of the Vishnu praises helped to bring about one of the most important breakthroughs contributing to this updating process. After that is ‘ Kusadvlpa’ where Kusa grass clusters grow very very tall like blazing pillars. All these are not possible if the entire earth, 30, miles wide, should be entirely flat. In the Rig Veda there is only one hymn addressed directly to Vishnu; bhugpla is nonetheless crucial to the discovery that the Line of Ten Avatars originated in the Vedic Age and not later.

And what was discovered in the Hymns is here confirmed once again in the Puranic Cosmology as presented in Bhugola Varnanam. The fact to be noted is that the ant does not move backward; but it only falls behind; and this is like going backward with reference to a companion starting at the same point as another, but out-stripping the latter and making that other to fall behind.

He has his situa- tion in the Ghanodaka down below; and he is immortal. Topics sri aurobindo 48 India 41 Vedic 32 the mother 31 supramental 21 Cosmology 20 supermind 16 Sanatana Dharma 14 Vishnu 14 makar sankranti 14 patrizia norelli-bachelet 11 Avatar 9 partition 9 tropical zodiac 9 zodiac 9 Veda 8 capricorn 8 nirayana 8 hindu 7 Avatars 6 Dasavataras 6 Myth 6 ayanamsha 6 calendar reform 6 solstice 6 aquarian age 5 bhuyola 5 cosmic 5 december solstice 5 being 4 caste 4 Puranas 3 Time Spirit 3 ayodhya 3 bharat 3 equinox 3 first national conference 3 gunas 3 hindu calendar reform 3 mahakala 3 pakistan 3 ramlala 3 tirumala 3 unity 3 Darshaney Lokesh 2 Maya 2 Nehru 2 New Order 2 T.


Here is publishing information.

PURANIC COSMOLOGY UPDATED: Puranic Cosmology Updated 12

He has huge forms as well as forms which are more minute than the minu- test. It would be astounding when it is observed that the seven primary sounds-sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da. If all the planets really move in the backward direction, at sunrise we can see the back of the Sun god instead of his front; and how then is it possible to offer him ‘arghya’ water bhuogla wash his hands? Yet, here is varrnanam truth about heavenly bodies.

There is 43 a parallel of this in the puranas. It is natural that the two do not agree in all the details.

Full text of “Bhugola Varnanam of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha”

King Raivata went to Brahmaloka, which is miles away from the earth, in the winking of an eye by means of bhutola power and waited there a few moments before he could get an interview and consult Brahma about a suitable bridegroom for his daughter, Revati; and then he returned to earth to find that some lakhs of terrestrial years had elapsed by then. This backward movement resembles that of an ant going varnanan upon an oil machine wheel in the same direction.

The two verses quoted above clearly show that the world is real and different from the vwrnanam Brahman. However, the strides are three in number yet the signs of Preservation are actually four. It is like rejecting a welcome feast and going a-begging for food.

The laboratory method, with its own limitations, is not the only means to gain knowledge.

He was a master of Vedic mathematics. The orbit of Rahu is said to be 10, yojanas 60, miles lower than that of the sun.

Lord Sri Hari has created them to make the island look symmetrically beautiful.