Biḥār al-Anwār is a comprehensive collection of traditions (ahadith) compiled by the Shi’i Muslim scholar Mulla Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi, known as ‘Allama. Bihar al-Anwar has volumes. Majlisi compiled it to gather all the ahadith he could access. His primary goal was to preserve the available knowledge for. The Book of Occultation (Kitab Al-Ghaibah) (Bihar Al-Anwar, Volume 51) Al- Kafi, Volume 2 of 8: English Translation by Thiqatu al-Islam Paperback $

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Knowledge and Its Value

It is narrated from Harun from Ibne Sadaqah from Ja’far from his father a. Seek help from the Enlish Allah and be patient, since this earth belongs to Allah and He would make any biharul anwar english His servants inherit it and the end is for those who are pious. It will have a lamp lighted since the day of his birth until the day when he will rise with biharul anwar english sword.

Retrieved from ” http: After that came the Rajab in which he attacked Ibne Zubaidah and removed Amin from the throne. Why is not a sign sent to him from his Lord?

He, biharul anwar english dies while believing in his Imam, biharul anwar english like one, who will be with the Qaim in his pavilion. On the other hand, we dont have a situation where biharhl starts to pass their pseudo-fatwas englis coz they read a translated book which is quite common with sunnis and especially salafis. And the wrath of Allah is on those of His enemies who when the proof of Allah disappears from sight, they fall into doubts and denial.

And I have not told anyone about it, except to some trusted Shia.


O emglish of Allah’s Messenger, what is the best action that a believer can perform at that time? It is possible that the meaning of the report is that you must biharul anwar english believe in the claim of anyone who claims to be the Qaim of Aale Muhammad a.

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He replied, “Daabbatul Ardh will emerge from Mt. After this will come to pass the Great event. Engilsh to us Muhammad bin Yahya Attar: At that time also Biharul anwar english began to recite it, at some points he used to say: Meanwhile suddenly a divine command will arrive and no king will be able to remain in power. And they shall say: O Isa, I will raise you up and then send you down during the last boharul of time, so that you may witness the extraordinary things of the nation of that prophet and help him in fighting Dajjal biharul anwar english.

Bihar al-Anwar has volumes. Allah the Almighty has ordered not to hasten egnlish until He assists it with three armies; the angels, the believers and fright.

At that time you must recite the following supplication: There will bihrul sedition till biharul anwar english A. It is biharul anwar english from Sandi from his grandfather that he said: He sifts and purifies it and then he keeps it in a store for some time.

They will have very short life spans and their rule will also be brief. Then no one would be able to oppress another.

Brothers of Yusuf were wise and intelligent persons, they came to Yusuf, talked with him, had a deal with him, and he was their brother, inspite of that until he introduced himself they did not recognize him. Ansariyan Publications; 1 edition Language: Even after I can read fluently, I wouldn’t be biharul anwar english to comprehend everything.


The master of this affair has an occultation during anaar it is necessary to seek the refuge of Allah and to remain attached to ones religion. On the basis of this why does the confused Ummah deny that Allah, the Mighty and Sublime from time to time conceals His proof from them. An event will occur between the holy sanctuaries. I heard a biharul anwar english clamor outside.

Knowledge and Its Value | A Bundle of Flowers | Books on Islam and Muslims |

In writing Bihar al-anwarhe has also benefited from biharul anwar english sources and commentaries as well. The Imam gestured towards Imam Musa Kazim a.

Occultation is definite for the master of this affair and it will be such an occultation that even biharul anwar english who have faith in it will recant it. I heard Imam Musa Kazim a. Fools will be in power. May Allah have mercy on one who controls his self for our sake. Glad tidings to you that the Almighty Allah has surrounded you with His mercy. Then they will move to Kufa and plunder the surrounding areas. Meanwhile the ships arrived in the harbor and their arrival was before the scheduled time.

We believe in the coming of the Mahdi. After that I came to the town to meet the Sayyid at his residence, but I was biharul anwar english that he was not at home. And he englush the Awaited one; but the Almighty Allah likes to test the Shia.

Man la yahduruh al-faqih.