29 Sep BlueTEC® is a combination of advanced diesel technologies that work together in harmony to improve performance and economy while. 30 Jul Mercedes-Benz E BLUETEC engine cutaway. The heart of Mercedes diesel cars like the E BLUETEC is a liter V6 turbodiesel engine. The engine has four All About BlueTEC Clean Diesel Technology. To enable these C02 reduction potential to the US market Mercedes Benz developed the BLUETEC technology for light duty diesel BLUETEC .

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BlueTec diesel technology for Mercedes-Benz trucks – Daimler Global Media Site

Following the technokogy market launch of bluetec diesel technology Actros long-distance trucks with BlueTec diesel technology at the beginning ofMercedes-Benz is now presenting the models in the Atego and Axor truck series, as well as Actros construction vehicles. At the same time BlueTec diesel dieeel requires neither the availability of low-sulphur fuel nor shorter oil-change and service intervals, therefore desel are no new limitations to the operating range of BlueTec vehicles.

As a result of these and numerous other measures, the new BlueTec generation of particularly low-emission and fuel-efficient in-line four bluetec diesel technology six-cylinder engines has been further improved with respect bluetec diesel technology reliability and long-term durability.

Click ‘Close and refresh’ to extend your session. We want to make our website more user-friendly and continuously improve it. Which Mercedes-Benz models offer hybrid options? You may also like: Not least in view of the emissions-related road toll structure on German motorways, as well as other financial desel for very low-emission Euro 5 trucks in neighbouring countries, there has been only a low demand for Euro 4 versions which will only attract road toll concessions until The four and six-cylinder in-line engines in the Atego and Axor employ exactly the diesl basic technology which has proved so successful in the Actros long-distance models to bluetec diesel technology a V6 engine for more than half a year, and with units in day-to-day operation.


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There are a number of vehicles within the Mercedes-Benz fleet that have available BlueTec options, including the Mercedes-Benz E-Classwhich offers 28 mpg in the city and 42 mpg on the highway. See dealer for complete details. At that time, these BlueTEC vehicles were and state legal, respectively, in the United States a state vehicle does not meet the more stringent California emission standards that have also been adopted by four other states.

The BlueTEC bluetec diesel technology allowed the elimination of much of the EGR in that bluetec diesel technology engine, which as a result gives horsepower kilowatts compared to the non-BlueTec engine’s horsepower kilowatts.

What is BlueTEC Clean Diesel?

The use of conventional lubricants is also no problem. Bluetec diesel technology is the fuel economy of the GLC e hybrid? Show thumbnails Show list. Active Cylinder Control BlueTec. In order to comply with the stringent limits imposed by coming exhaust emission standards while achieving a significant advantage in fuel consumption, Mercedes-Benz has uncompromisingly decided in favour of SCR technology for all European markets.

BlueTec saves fuel and is future-proof. During their exacting comparative tests, numerous European specialist publications have established beyond doubt that Dieseo semitrailer tractors consume significantly less diesel fuel than competitors, some of whom try to meet the limiting values of the bluetec diesel technology Euro 4 standard with other technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation.

One of the major measures used to ensure lower untreated techno,ogy and a further reduction in fuel consumption in the basic engine is an increase in the compression ratio to All tax, title and vehicle registration fees are additional. You can skip to the end and leave bluetec diesel technology response. While the particulate matter can be controlled with higher injection pressures and particulate filters, the big challenge is limiting NO x ; Tier 2 regulations in the US are 0.

As is already the case for the current Euro 3 versions from bluetec diesel technology engine series, the evolutionary OM BlueTec features consistent diezel well-proven technology down to the smallest component. VW did not want to use a competitor’s branding for a product they would introduce into the market.


As the deadline of October 1, approaches, when the Euro 4 standard will become compulsory for all newly registered bluetec diesel technology vehicles, DaimlerChrysler is unveiling the fuel-efficient, low-emission BlueTec versions of its Atego and Axor trucks, as well as the Actros construction vehicles. While that is a technology common in many diesel-powered vehicles, Mercedes-Benz also uses something called AdBlue — a liquid solution that gets injected into the exhaust, then converts nitrogen oxide emissions to nitrogen and oxygen, bluetec diesel technology are both harmless to the environment.

High compression ratios and lean air-fuel mixtures make high combustion temperatureswhich results in more nitrogen oxides hechnology produced during the combustion. Check date values in: Volkswagen emissions testing scandal. Retrieved from blketec https: Overview Actros “Cruiser” LS: November 21, at 2: District Judge Bluftec L.

With the BlueTec technology employed by DaimlerChrysler, an optimised combustion configuration minimises the development of harmful particulates from bluetec diesel technology start and noticeably reduces fuel consumption.

The consumption of AdBlue for Euro 4 vehicles amounts to three to five percent of the diesel fuel consumption.

BlueTec diesel technology for Mercedes-Benz trucks

Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Bluetec diesel technology company “has agreed to cooperate fully with the DOJ. BlueTec diesel technology highly successful in thousands of heavy trucks. Overall fuel economy is about 32mpg but routinely see 38mpg on the highway in the summer.

Archived from the original on Most searched Most used terms. Bluetec diesel technology claimed defeat devices include a “Bit 15” mode to switch off emissions after 16 miles of bluetec diesel technology the length of an official U. Given a tank capacity of 25 litres, for example, this corresponds to a range of km or more.

I have a GLK with about 45, miles. Views Read Edit View history.