The new “breakout nations” will probably spring from the margins, even from the shadows. Ruchir Sharma, one of the world’s largest investors in emerging. 4 Oct The argument of Breakout Nations is that the astonishingly rapid growth over Or so it appeared before Ruchir Sharma turned this not so old. 28 Apr That is the core contribution of Ruchir Sharma’s thoughtful analysis of these nations: what they are doing, why they are different, their prospects.

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In a captivating exploration studded with vignettes, Sharma reveals his rules on how to spot economic success stories.

Also failing to make the cut of breakout nation status are Vietnam, Russia, and South Africa, albeit for different reasons. Already have an account? This book starts with BRIC and Mexico describing their economic issues, Ruchir is good at pointing out when to notice economies are not doing well and what to look for.

The New Breakout Nations

Also included in the list are countries like Nigeria, Uganda and Mozambique. For investors looking to place their bets and for general readers looking to understand the global economic landscape in the wake of the Great Recession.

Life changing book it was!! They anticipate absorbing the North once their regime fails.

Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles

It’s enlightening and the coverage for analysis is extensive. He says shaarma China will face labour crisis because of the following reasons: Morgan Stanley’s top executive Ruchir Sharma’s book ‘Breakout Nations’ stands out in this clutter of books. Each of these sectors had enjoyed some stimulus benefits from the government in the early stages of evolution. Wharma continues to grow much faster than the European average and is in no hurry to join the euro.

You cannot expect overnight profits in any business. The author observation,conclusion and forecasts are based on facts, trends and pattern.

Stories in both the books tell a similar story but differ in the their depiction. The current economic situation when coupled with the past, the predictable future, political events and bigwigs, cultural mindsets and bgeakout good and not-so-good elements makes for a heady concoction. This is partially true because Chinese economny is export oriented and it must keep the production cost low.


If Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra can contain it, Thailand is in a strong position to prosper as the central trade corridor of the Greater Shamra.

Breakout Nations | W. W. Norton & Company

So this establishes an inherent fear Brazilians have against inflation and the logical follow up is to increase the interest rates so that it remains in control. This is an extremely well-researched book, giving a general background and in-depth analysis of developing or under-developed economies of the world.

The education system is still weak and the government spending is fueling inflation. Vladimir Putin, arguably one of the most powerful leaders the world ever saw has proven that even visionary leaders can turn stale And many such examples are there but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It would have helped to have more of the structure laid out in the front of the book so that as I read I had some idea where we are headed. Confining his predictions to the near future, Sharma refreshingly comes across as that rare thing Harry Truman once sought: The author here has gone in pursuit of identifying natiohs who has the potential to become next breakaway nation.

One has to give credit to the author for identifying the temporary nature of commodity booms – this was back in when Brazil and Russia were in the pink of financial health. While downturns do provide scope for tough reforms, hsarma above argument ignores the fact that the “hard landing” in the US caused the Great Depression which was alleviated by Roosevelt through classic Keynesian stimulus, backstops for banks, beakout the small matter of a World War providing a huge impetus to manufacturing growth.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Every nation is different and their economic success or failure is relative, to each country’s specific environment. I would not really recommend it to anyone as I believe there are far better books out there on this topic.


Sharma clearly knows what to look for in potential breakout nations. Investing in an industry is a long term process. Supply chain is not able brreakout matchthereby increasing the prices. I had started this book with a high expectation. We need to remember that sustained economic success is a rare phenomenon.

Otherwise, it indicates unbalanced economic growth. Mar 04, Kaushik rated it liked it. Overview Formats Inside the Book. CEOs use helipads for the commute. Malaysia decided not to fix its economy after the crisis of and rather blamed it on Jewish conspiracy. I thought he knew the price of everything without necessarily its value. Applying the same standard to all economies, he sometimes sounds trite. It was a gross disappointment for me. Jun 26, Shishir rated it it was amazing.

Written by a reputed investor, it provides us with the insight of how the peopleinside the industry, perceive the countries in which they plan to invest. Rising wages now is compelling manufacturers to move plants in nattions markets like Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Return to Book Page. Read brreakout that mention emerging markets breakout nations morgan stanley emerging market south korea ruchir sharma sri lanka czech sarma per capita breakouut decade south africa must read head of emerging emerging economies well written beakout and the czech capita income great read global economy almost every.

Refresh and try again. Set up a giveaway. The fear of Chinese manufacturing surging commodities is overhyped since the overall manufacturing is shrinking. Czech Republic and Turkey.

It is also interspersed with some trivia which makes it interesting to read. They are the 2 countries to watch in the next 5 years.