The combined group of tools is referred to as BRTOOLS. SAP recommends the – Selection from SAP® Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition. 14 Jan Case: I want to reorganize table and rebuild index offline for table SOFFCONT1. Table SOFFCONT1 contains SAP Business. When SAP Basis running one or more tools from BRTOOLS, it will create a job log to provide SAP Basis some information about BRTOOLS activities whether it.

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Various administration tasks see such as creation of statistics see or database checks BRGUI: Termination in the initialization phase Return Code 3: This may be due to different character set, like copying text from Ms Word to command prompt. How to Earn Rs.

Standby Database Requires Recovery. To get more detailed information, click on Detail Log button.

Maintaining Collection and Reorganization Schemata SAP tcode DB02 is use to check database size, tablespaces size, current statistic, checking freespace statistic, analyze detailed tablespace, checking missing indexes, and space critical objects.

If you cannot find a solution in the SAP s, you should check whether a current patch for the tool still nrtools the same error. One of the strategy is to reorg certain table which can impact on system performance.


As of Version 7. Newer Post Older Post Home. In this screen, you might need to input some information about your database such as your SAP Database profile, your database user and password, database owner, and something you might not want to be checked. In SAP Netweaver 7.

Happy checking your database. For example in DB13, you will have an error when you schedule job like check database and update optimizer.


Database Administration — ardhian Why do we need to reorganize table in SAP system? Please feel free to contact me on devratt yahoo. The following parameter files exist:. This is the command to change gasis of Oracle Database User: Here is the example using brspace: Choose continue to start processing.

Tutorials What is Oracle?

SAP Basis For Beginner: SAP BR*Tools an interactive interface for Oracle database management

The more you bbasis the thread, the faster your process will be. Choose Segement Management or run from the command prompt brspace —f tbreorg. For more detailed information, click Detail Log button. This site uses cookies. In some cases before you import a restore, for exampleit may be advisable to save the current status of the database as a precaution, even if you can no longer open the database properly in the current status.


The result includes the following lines with release and patch level: How to apply OSS notes number? In this case, you have to type the command manually.

Successful execution Return Code 1: Since Data Management Strategy is the key factor to boost system performance and and to keep data accessibility more efficient, we need to maintain or oraganize the data itself.

Execution with warning s Return Code 2: In this case, you must use other tools for a backup or execute a simple file system backup. To find out bttools, including how to control cookies, see here: Press Space Statistic button to find out tablespace size and its growth. Unix system, with Oracle database.