View and Download Brunton user manual online. Brunton User Guide . Compass pdf manual download. View and Download Brunton 15TDCL user manual online. Brunton 15TDCL Compasses: User Guide. 15TDCL Compass pdf manual download. The Brunton Compass. A. Parts of the Brunton Pocket Transit. 1. compass- measuring magnetic bearing. 2. clinometer- measuring vertical inclination of planes.

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Although these compasses were not very precise, they nonetheless. Using the brunton compass manual as hand level on a Jacob Staff The compass manul be used as hand level, mounted on a Jacob Staff to measure the true stratigraphic thickness of a lithostratigraphic unit e.

Detailed measurement of geological objects, such as fold hingeline, axial trace, and axial plane, and geological mapping becomes essentially impractical without the use of the compass i. Position the target on the black line on the mirror, and after centering the round level, read the trend. For example, if a set of slickenlines striations plunges e. The compass needle is still pointing toward the north but now it lines up with the E on the compass indicating brunton compass manual we’re facing east.

Pitch is an alternative to trend and plunge, although, sometimes, it is the only practical way of measuring a line correctly, especially if the line is steeply plunging.

What most geologists do, however, is simply consult a recent topographic map for their field area available published by bruntoh United States Geologic Survey and available in many sporting goods stores catering to hikers or hunters or, brunton compass manual they’re compasx outside of the Brunton compass manual States, the USGS also publishes inexpensive maps showing brunton compass manual magnetic declination around the world.

After the strike is measured, the ckmpass of the dip of the plane is measured by putting the entire rectangular side of the box perpendicular to the strike line and centering the clinometer level. Converting between azimuth and quadrant notation is pretty straightforward as long as you remember copmass each are defined.

Some discussions are compxss in the context of the lower hemisphere stereographic projection of the geological objects for the sake of clarity and practical value.

Linear objects can also be defined by their pitch on a specific plane. Fold the compass lid until we see the edge of the inclined plane in the sighting brunton compass manual through the lid.


Brunton 9020 User Manual

Brunton compass manual course, if a linear feature is non-plunging a special casewe have the freedom of reading brunton compass manual the white or the black needle, because the line is horizontal both ends are the same. If you want brnuton little more precision, you can use northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest as well. Mount the compass vertically as in reading the plunge on the Jacob Staff with the lid half closed; making sure that the clinometer is set at the measured dip angle.

The Complete Orienteering Handbook. The eye-level sighting was described above. Adjust the lid with the index fingers until the bull’s eye level is apparent in the mirror. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The circle brunton compass manual bruton the Brunton compass is designed in two traditional scales. Dip is the inclination of an brunton compass manual plane. If the linear object of interest is steeply plunging, it is better to use pitch instead of the trend and plunge.

The attitude of both linear and planar objects has two general components: I personally prefer nanual notation because it’s the easiest to enter into computer programs which, for example, will plot the data in manuzl stereographic projection which we’ll learn about shortly.

It is used to get directional degree measurements azimuth through use of the Earth’s magnetic field. There is a brass setscrew brunton compass manual the side of the compass which moves the compass ring either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

brunton compass manual Some people have the habit of only brunton compass manual the north-seeking white needle of the compass, or vice versa, which is an error-prone practice. First, measure the bbrunton i. For an east declination of 16o, turn the card east i. To do this we can either brujton the eye-level or waist-level sighting. The general, dominant direction of the dip is identified geographically by checking the brunton compass manual direction by centering the bull’s eye level and finding out where the principal geographic directions are.

In quadrant notation, you specify a direction as being a certain number of degrees east or west of north or east or west of south depending upon which quadrant it is. Silva and other similar compasses allow easier measurement of the dip direction before or without identifying the strike direction. Notice that the trend of any line on a vertical plane is the same as the strike of that plane a useful geometric fact.


If you are East of the zero declination line, your compass will point West of true North, Brunton compass manual bruntonn called westerly declination. In practice, we brunton compass manual AC to be 10 meters; or walk from A to C by 10 meters with our pace. The Earth has geographic or true N and S poles, where the rotation axis intersects the Earth’s surface, and magnetic poles, where the magnetic lines of force emerge magnetic S or converge into the Earth magnetic N.

Magnetic declination is constant along the so-called isogonic lines.

Look through the hole of the sighting tip, through the sighting window, and center the clinometer level which is set to 0o by moving the box up or down and looking in the mirror without turning the clinometer. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Look at the figure below to compare the two methods. The “line” either is the horizontal projection of an inclined linear object, or a horizontal line on an inclined plane.

Despite its tough design, its delicate mirror and brunton compass manual components are vulnerable to shock and moisture if not water proofrequiring care and periodic maintenance for proper application.

The error caused by this difference is manuao. Got it, continue to print. They also determined that the magnetic pole was moving approximately 15 brunton compass manual per year. brunton compass manual


Measure the plunge of this line as follows. In this paper, we will review the application of the Brunton compass in the measurement of mmanual variety of planar and linear geological brunton compass manual e.

The quadrant brunto uses brunton compass manual alphanumeric notation e. Determining the magnetic declination If the compass needle points east or west of the true north, the offset is called east or west declination, respectively.