How To Play Like Bud Brisbois. likes · 2 talking about this. Bud Brisbois was known for his incredible trumpet high note playing ability and was a. Austin Dean “Bud” Brisbois (April 11, – June ) was a jazz and studio trumpet player. (Capitol, ); Sophisticated Approach (Capitol, ); Kenton / Wagner (Capitol, ); Stan Kenton Plays for Today (Capitol, ); Hair. Documents Similar To Bud Brisbois Trumpet Today Anthony Plog – Method for Trumpet – Book 6, Low, High, Power & Strength Exercises & Etudes. Uploaded.

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As I get up to the high G, the tension increased here, briisbois compression increased here. For most guys their level goes down, but for me I play stronger, louder, higher as I get going.

Some of us can play higher than others, but we can all build a good consistent range, not everybody can play a double C, but they can play higher with brixbois consistency, more accuracy, more penetration if they build properly as opposed to the player that just builds wrong.

Here is a transcript from a clinic given by the great Bud Brisbois.

Bud Brisbois – Wikipedia

I think I was at that clinic. Now if your going to do lip slurs, which are the best builder for here in the world along with building this part, your going to get a sensation.

With this type of a breath, then we put support or what I call compression on the air, we put pressure on the air bdu we get it down here.

You take the proper air and you put the compression on it. We are taking the breath in properly, we know how to put the tension on brisboois, if you want to build strength in this area, you can get all of the information in a cheap book, called the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises.

September Learn how and when to remove metho template message. This clinic and some of the additional text was all pulled from my transcription of the clinic and the article on my website. Now the compression on the air, that is the thing the sensation that I told you was coming up.


High Range Methods- Traditional

They talked and still do talk extremely respectfully of Bud and I am very thankful that they turned me on to one of the true legends of the trumpet. You just made my day.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That is the same intensity that you are brisbosi to have as you go higher, you put more of this compression on the air.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And that keeps everything extremely strong in the back and everywhere else. Hope to hear from you soon. The scales, the techniques and everything else and you build your range gradually, knowing that every step of the way what you do, how to do it and build the proper muscles.

Thanks for the help. That gives us nothing but flexibility, a bkd that will sizzle all over a band of any kind and it gives us endurance and everything else. Different mouthpiece makers are coming out with different backbores where you can screw the same rim on. Eventually he began playing again. So what I did, was I had Bob Reeves who makes mine brissbois some adjusting to my mouthpieces and it all started working much better.

Cat Anderson’s high note trumpet method rewritten by an 8year student of Cat’s, giving his secrets and step by step instructions. First of all, they have a strong anchor or corners and they all take similar types of breath and they support their sound with their air almost identically no matter who the player is. Then count slowly as you release your air 1, 2, methos, … as soon as you completely out of air, take another huge breath. I try to think of everything as open and as relaxed as I can.

He was beautiful last bbrisbois. It only worked so far, then I really had to build a good foundation. Bud worked as a studio musician in Metjod.

Around he left Kenton to work in the Los Angeles recording studios. I mean I own Part 1 foundation and that I can send you a copy if you like. With Quicksilver Messenger Service. Here it is, available in PDF, amazing! Both the method book and collection of duets with on site recorded exampleswill serve you well in your quest for just another half step in a traditional approach to high note playing. Bang, we put tension all around the air. I can send you the whole copy if you like.


Mehtod late May or early JuneBud appeared as a guest with the jazz-rock group ” Matrix ” and commented “I played as well as I have ever played.

We leave this chops with the least amount of pressure that we can get by with brksbois it vibrates very easy and all of our pressure is here stomach. Build the things that we all have to have, then you can worry about the small things.

Hope this helps— http: There mehtod fantastic audio clips of Bud Brishois found here. If you happen on a copy or notice it on sale on Ebay. He brisbols in various bands in the Phoenix area.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The highest note in the entire Arban Method is only a high C. At his peak he was one of the most accurate and consistent of all high-note trumpeters, and his range has never been equaled.

The first day methox may be able to get up to 15 or 16, by the end of the week, your up to 25, 30, 35, 40, some up to 50 and A quick check found these copies. Breathing, knowing how to breath and knowing how to bux the air and 2. Your book is in the mail. So we take our breath, plays strong middle CI put a certain amount of compression for the middle C. This is the normal way to breath and take in air, and so few of us really know how to do it. This takes one week, ten minutes a day.