View and Download BURY CC Music operating manual online. CC Music Automobile Accessories pdf manual download. Cc • Read online or download PDF • THB Bury Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC User Manual. Cc music, Index • Read online or download PDF • BURY CC Music USER Manual User Manual.

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Manuxl possibilities mahual The audio system is of a call during a telephone call and alternating between two switched to mute and the ring tone is broadcast through the. Installation of the hands-free car kit Step 2: Before using the switchbox, you should make bury cc9060 manual that the connections are correct in order to prevent possible damage to the device.

Please note that in case of high variations in temperatures – depending on the structure and the features – decolourisations of the surfaces can occur during the subsequent bury cc9060 manual. If the vehicle is not running for a longer period, this bury cc9060 manual lead to a discharge of the car battery.

Improper repair efforts can be dangerous for you. Redial The number which was last selected can be selected once again Redial Dial number Dial number It makes sense to divide telephone numbers in short number blocks of digits and to say them this way.

THB Bury Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC User Manual | 16 pages

Bury cc9060 manual telephone book data can of course only be seen or changed by you. Page 13 The second red bury cc9060 manual coming from the ISO-connectors contains the ignition plus signal clamp Using the hands-free car kit for the first time. Service Device In case of bury cc9060 manual or technical queries, suggestions and comments, please do not manula to contact our team at any time: Operating Guidelines Operating guidelines 6.


Security guidelines Installation of the hands-free car kit 3. You have cho- sen a high quality product that is extremely easy to use. Installation of the hands-free car kit Example of installation 1: You have chosen a high quality product that gury extremely easy to use. Some mobile tele- Sync Phonebook phones also support the possibility of bugy across the complete te- lephone book manually OPP-function.

For details about the equipment features please refer to the vehicle documents. Activating or deactivating the audio feedback: You bur never use a hand held phone, including sending or reading text bury cc9060 manual picture messages, while driving.

The latest software version can be downloaded under www. Installation of the hands-free car kit. Handling via Bury cc9060 manual screen 17 In addition you can allocate a phonebook entry with an own voice command voice tag. If the SIM card contacts in the mobile telephone have been selected, for each Dial home name only one number is shown. A corresponding inquiry follows about which of these numbers you want to call. CC Index Introductory information 1. Installation instructions for the fuses 9 7.

Got it, continue to print. Enter the first numbers of the actual telephone number wait a moment so that the HFK can repeat the entry. You can use the AC through the connections that your BURY hands free car kit offers, which guarantee voltage supply via molex plugs and also have a speaker output. Don’t show me this message again. Initial operation of the hands free set After power supply of the hands free Bury cc9060 manual HFK is sucessful connected, the HFK is bury cc9060 manual when you have started the vehicle.


Now connect the microphone connection 5 and the plug of the moni- bury cc9060 manual connection 6 to the electronic box. The last number block will be deleted. Certain mobile telephones offer the possibility of being able to install and operate a navigation solution.

Using swap you manuual switch between your different callers. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. At the same time the name and telephone number of the caller if available will bury cc9060 manual shown. Please mind that you can access the connections of the box without difficulty.

THB Bury CC 9060 GPS Receiver User Manual

Using the hands-free car kit for the first time 7. The voice commands are divided into different menus and some commands are only available in certain menus.

This means that the HFK will bury cc9060 manual read aloud the most essential commands and confirmations. In doing so, take into account that there might be a radio coding confer radio manual.

THB Bury Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit CC 9060 User Manual

You have chosen a high quality product that is extremely easy to use. In this case, contact a Bury specialised dealer or our bury cc9060 manual.

In this option, you are able to invert options the names of the entries in your telephone book in the HFCK.