There are more and more evidences to support both sides of opinion. Artillery experts and the lack of technology meant that his well thought out plan did not go as expected. After the devastation of the war, many soldiers blamed Haig. There was a growing tension between France and Germany over land and border lines. A photograph cannot represent the whole thing. After Haig had been in many wars and fought for most of his life I believe that the amount of training he gave the troops was poor and inadequate for a man of his experience. Haig was the product of his time, of his upbringing, education, and training and previous military experience.

Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. In September the tank was introduced to war. This is because reports of the battle that were sent to Haig made him believe that his tactics were a great success. He had had a long military career as a celebrated cavalry. The main body of this investigation outlines what happened to the British army in The Battle of the Somme in , with references to many sources.

He had no idea what a real war is. However, many historians now believe that General Haig was not entirely to blame for the failure at the Somme, and that it was not a military disaster, but why?

This source was written in War hero or butcher of the Somme. Artillery experts and the lack of technology meant that his well thought out plan did not go as expected.

Haig could also be called a butcher as he left his men to suffer while he lived in a luxurious castle in butcher of the somme essay far away town. This granted the Germans a great benefit in the battle. In my opinion, General Haig was neither a butcher nor a hero; he tried to do his best by thorough planning.

War hero or butcher of the Somme. The Germans lostmen in the war, but at the same time, the deaths of Britain and French in total had the same amount of people died of the German empire.


The nation must be prepared to see heavy casualty lists. In an effort to create a reserve standard army which could double up butcher of the somme essay a ‘home front’ defence force, plus a fighting unit for use abroad, he managed to achieve this by pushing for legislation that lead to the creation of the TA Territory Army and the BEF British Expeditionary Force which were to be later used in the war effort in the ‘war to end all wars’ The British army put their faith butcher of the somme essay Haig because of his reputation as a great leader.

Haig did not realise the great fatalities of the battle until after a considerable amount of time. He used aerial observation, photography, ground patrols and interrogation of prisoners.

Begin with an artillery bombardment to destroy the German barbed wire in front of their trenches. The German army went to the north bank and inflicted a huge defeat on the British infantry, which killed so many Britain soldiers.

The devastating casualties and deaths of the butcher of the somme essay left thousands without their loved ones, a whole generation was lost at the Somme. The reason for planning this attack at all was also achieved; Verdun was saved. The British offensive, an utter failure, resulted in a stalemate, which was common throughout World War One This source is very useful for us knowing more about General Haig at the time, in the cartoon, the major general is addressing the men before an attack behind the lines.

Does General Haig deserve the title Butcher of the Somme?

Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Preview Field Marshall Haig: For the minute number of soldiers that had ultimately crossed no-mans land the entangled barbed wire stood as another obstacle. All these views are shared by different people about Haig, in my essay I will put forward my views about Haig and justifications by referring to the facts On the other hand, the second interpretation is that Haig was just doing his job as a general.


It contains both pro Butcher of the somme essay and also anti Haig parts.

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The allies had lifted the pressure off Verdun and advanced 15Km. The barbed wire was not destroyed as the bombardment had only lifted it and it was instantly dropped in a worse twist than it was in before. His tactics were first put to the test at the Battle of the Somme in and the casualties began to rise into unacceptable numbers.

Many historians see the Somme as one of, if not the most, significant butcher of the somme essay of the war. A video is more reliable then a photo because we can see the start to the end. Haig was easily the best man for the job; Haig was obviously the only man left for the job.

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme?

One of his most memorable battles was the battle of the Somme; in this battle the allies suffered over 2 million causalities and overdeaths. In source A it is evident that Haig always ensured that butcher of the somme essay army was well equipped by asking the War Cabinet for more ammunition.

The barbed wire was not destroyed mainly due to Haig rarely visiting butcher of the somme essay front line. The soldiers were thought to have followed their orders courageously, precisely and so that everything went exactly as planned, but they were let down by their leaders Before this time Haig had had a long and successful career in the military and 15 years previous he had been a celebrated Calvary commander in the Boer war.

It was taken on 12th Aprila few months after the war ended.