Suspected incidents of academic dishonesty will always be shared with school administration and a record is kept. A student can be placed on the Habitually Disruptive Process when behavior by the student is initiated, willful and overt. We expect all students to be respectful and responsible with all expensive items. Students are permitted in the halls during class periods only if they have a pass issued by the teacher who is responsible for them. Technology is for academic use only.

We have high expectations both academically and behaviorally. Technology is for academic use only. Teacher notifies parent and student is referred to the office for discipline. However, we understand that sometimes students will test the boundaries. The closet is then locked.

In order to foster ethical behavior in our students, thus meet the goals outlined in both the BVSD Mission Statement and the graduation requirements prescribed in the New Century Graduate, we are committed to teaching integrity to successfully prepare students for bvsd shms homework future endeavors.

Most days the library is available for quiet work and reading only. To be an ally by recognizing bullying and trying to stop it, and by reporting incidents of bullying. For the 3 rd infraction, parents will be notified and a parent must pick up the phone. Second Offense or Repeated Offenses. Supervision of students begins 15 minutes before bvsd shms homework first bell at 8: Students giving or selling their work to another person who plans to submit it as his or her own.

This bvsd shms homework the area from the drop off loop to the doors.

Deliberate, unacceptable behaviors that include but are not limited to: Electronics will not be permitted to disrupt bvsd shms homework school environment. Turn off more accessible mode. This may also be a chance for restorative justice to occur. Giving work to another student to be copied.


Technology is for academic use only.

Students are assigned detention from 8: Turn on bvsd shms homework accessible mode. Students are to follow these lunchtime rules: This is the primary way that we ensure the safety of personal belongings. No running, pushing or shoving. Socializing with friends must not block the flow of traffic in the hallway step to the side out of the way, and be bvsd shms homework not to be late for class Passing periods are 4 minutes. Consequences will be determined on an individual bvsd shms homework, based on several issues related to the student behavior i.

Students may be removed from the school environment from one half to 10 days. Our job is to help change their behavior when they do and guide them to make better decisions. Prior notice will be given to parents so students can arrange for transportation.

Our goal is for students to be responsible digital citizens. We strongly believe that all students should eat a well-balanced lunch each and every day. Inventing of information or citation in an academic exercise and misquoting out of context. However, we understand that sometimes students will test the bvsd shms homework.

Access will bvsd shms homework closed the last 5 minutes of the lunch period. Repeated dress code violations will be considered insubordination and may result in further discipline. Educational and Restorative practices will be infused at all the above steps. Sale of food or other items between students is not permitted at any time bvsd shms homework the school day.


An out-of-school suspension prohibits a student from participating in any extracurricular activities for the duration of the suspension. Sometimes it is necessary for us to bvsd shms homework face to face with the student so they can see that we are all bvsd shms homework together. For safety reasons, backpacks are not allowed in the following areas: Students should come prepared with food, money, coats and school work.

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Walking through halls with headphones on. We have high expectations both academically and behaviorally. Students will be provided the opportunity to change into appropriate clothing, contact home, or borrow clothing bvsd shms homework the school. Students must walk through the halls in a manner that allows others to pass quickly and safely.

Please also see District Board Policy. Shoes must be worn at all times bvsd shms homework directed by the teacher. NO decorations or stickers bvsd shms homework any kind are allowed for any reason on the outside of our brand new lockers. However, repeated trips and offenses will most certainly result in parent contact!

Students may NOT go to their lockers during lunch. If backpacks are left in unauthorized places, they will be put in lost and found. To only use positive words with students and adults.

The student bvsd shms homework reclaim the phone at the end of the school day. We do ask that students make use of their locker at school. The dress code is as follows: