Duchamp has ratings and 19 reviews. Frank said: No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biogra. This revised edition of Calvin Tomkins’s Duchamp: A Biography arrives on the artist from the Time-Life Library of Art; The World of Marcel Duchamp appeared. Nearly everything about L.A. appealed to Ruscha. He wanted to live there, and he knew that the only thing he could be was an artist. By Calvin Tomkins.

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Talking Marcel Duchamp With Calvin Tomkins – WWD

His [second] wife, Teeny, who had been married to Pierre Matisse, created this wonderful island. The artworld, which used to be about 20 people, is now a big international industry. Refresh and try again. Essentialist Today’s Must Read.

Until the very end, Dandyish Duchamp was determined to live a life of full of fun and optimism. John O’Toole rated it it was amazing Jan 17, A bit of holiday glitter on Fifth Avenue. His attitude can be learned from, but the things he did cannot. At the time he said it, he felt it was music that was doing the talking and the others were listening. That was 50 years ago. That is the work of art. I suppose you could say that Duchamp’s real work of art was his life, and while Duchamps himself remains elusive, the portraits of Picabia, Jarry, Wood, Arensburg, etc are fascinating.

Magali Reus

When I started, there was no art coverage in the news magazines and there was no regular coverage, even in Time. It can be of no interest or importance at duchapm.


They began to try to figure out what art was instead of just trying to dalvin it, and this led them in all sorts of new directions. Duchamp by Calvin Tomkins. Tompkins does his level best to provide a context for the work, duchxmp while he uncovers information about how the work came into being as in his account of the famous “Fountain” readymade and does a good job of describing the formal qualities of individual pieces, he doesn’t seem to have the theoretical equipment for more trenchant analysis.

Or given the fact that he himself continues to have such a strong influence, does that suggest continuity?

As the grandfather of what came to be known as Conceptual art, his idea that art was not solely and exclusively a visual thing has permeated the atmosphere. How does it feel to think of your – self as an influential person, for example, in terms of how we see these people or how your writing has impacted others?

Many of the other titles were “thesisy” smacking of academia and I thought this popular biography would be to,kins better place for a laymen to start.

Duchamp by Calvin Tomkins

Before joining The New Yorker, he was a general editor of Newsweek, a post he held from through He was the unusual combination of being very relaxed and easy, and ready to talk about anything on any level.

Your writing really seems to capture their personalities.

A staff writer for The New Yorker calfinTomkins has also published over a dozen books, most recently Marcel Duchamp: Seems pretty exhaustively researched, is humorous and entertaining, and is also great at discussing the various main interpretations of Duchamp’s work and legacy. The author’s intimacy with the subject and glorious prose style, wit, and deep sense of irony–“the only antidote to despair”–make him the perfect writer to bring this stunning life story to intelligent readers everywhere.


Very readable biography that immerses you in the world Duchamp lived in and explains the way Etant Donne got made. Joshua Disneyq rated it really liked it Jun 28, In what ways do you see his continuing influence today? Oct 27, Liisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: That makes it much easier in some ways and tokins more difficult in other ways. Visual arts, music, dance, performance–nothing was ever the same again because he had shifted art’s focus from the retinal to the mental.

His craftsmanship was amazingly good, and he was willing to devote infinite time. To ask other readers questions about Valvinplease sign up. Bike Shorts in Fashion: Here we have been talking for hours! Feb 12, Joe rated it it was amazing. No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biography of Marcel Duchamp. This makes a biographer’s job difficult.