Ucas, the university admissions service , is considering whether students should write a separate personal statement for each of the five university courses they apply for, rather than write a generic personal statement for all of them, as they do at present. Original post by timelizard if everything I write is useless, oh well. You should read these guidelines carefully. Some candidates use it, some don’t – it doesn’t make any particular difference unless there is a very specific bit of Cambridge-specific information that can’t go anywhere else and it’s also good not to waffle on too much on the form if your DD feels she’s said everything on the statement. University of Cambridge Guide Articles: I might mention it a little bit then. Original post by vincrows I’m pretty sure Christ’s AT knows what he’s talking about better than your school.

Yes to emailing the school as trust me you will not get any help from the French school when it will come to getting an explanation of the grades. I’ll mention the course variety and see if that suffices. Follow 20 He said it a few times in his last thread. Tim Westlake, director of admissions at Manchester University , said its tutors took personal statements seriously.

Unless your DD is in an international one. It’s divided into many sub-disciplines e. You will not be disadvantaged in any way.

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Yes to emailing the school as trust me you will not get any help from the French school when it will come to getting an explanation of the grades. Advice for teachers and HE advisers entry.

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In particular you do not have to write a Supplementary Personal Statement unless you wish to point out why the Cambridge course in particular is the right one for you. Applicants can make additional comments relevant to their Cambridge application in their SAQfor instance to highlight particular features of the Cambridge course that attracted them.


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You are doing Ib? Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Failure to do so may mean that your application is rejected without interview. Different interviewers may or may not ask questions based on information from the SAQ, but all will have read it beforehand.

So far the only addition which would consider to be appropriate is the variety within the optional modules of the degree. No secret you’re right – it’s in a separate section.

If you have sat AS and fail to declare the results we will assume that they were not as strong as you had hoped, and you are less likely to be called to interview. Cotton what were you interviewing for. You must log in or cambridge saq optional additional personal statement up to post here. Surely there must be something specific to law at Cambridge she can talk about?

Follow 18 Cambridge saq optional additional personal statement, family and work Replies: Engineering SAQ Should you talk about the college you’re applying for on the Do you already have an account? So cambridge saq optional additional personal statement application will be the same as everyone else’s View your post below. And actually that’s quite important thing; try to be as relaxed about it as possible. Follow 10 Apr 6, Messages: Embarassed about saying I go to Oxbridge Should I be?

I used my extra statement to mention how I thought studying science more broadly would be beneficial to my general scientific education. They may ask for a school transcript or similar not always but sometimes for overseas quals so it’s best to know early what they would want so you can arrange with the school if necessary. Helping students prepare for interviews Interviews are discussion-based, and predominantly academic and subject-related, so applicants will be asked questions: He said it a few times in his last thread.

Career sectors and graduate employment Replies: I do seem to remember hearing that it was academic ability which was most important and the PS’s and maybe also the SAQ’s were barely glanced at. The admissions tutors do read the statements Cambridge saq optional additional personal statement, it’s not just a numbers game. I mean, I want to be a surgeon and I’m an art lover – I can’t say at the present time that I love humanity, because that is all relative and I’d have know reason or evidence to back me up – but I can say that if I eventually graduate and become a successful and accomplished surgeon my love for humanity will mature.


University of Cambridge Guide Articles: Roderick Smith, director of admissions at Cambridge saq optional additional personal statement Universitysaid his university had refused to consider “several dozen” students last year after it found out they had paid an essay mill to write their personal statements for them. It will certainly be read, but both the SAQ and UCAS personal statement are used mainly as information on the UMS scores and to help us structure specific questions to ask at interview – it isn’t marked in itself IYSWIM, so she shouldn’t worry too much about it – as long as there are no spelling mistakes etc.!


Original post by timelizard I know, I wasn’t questioning it, I was just surprised. I wouldn’t be able to vouch for your interviewers, but Cambridge will interview over 80 percent of applicants and an interview is far more important than what you could have spent months crafting and revising on an online form, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Sep 6, Messages: Aug 4, Messages: It just seems like more cambridge saq optional additional personal statement on top of the PS stress.