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In agreement with the Romans’ identification of poetry and vaticination, Orpheus goes down to Avernus a poet and comes back branded: Only by duplicating Orpheus’s journey to the otherworld in search of Eurydice could the Suena poet make Bea- trice’s impalpable remembrance real again, and experience once more the gendy altruistic attraction that once moved him.

I shall illustrate one such example, particularly relevant to our discussion insofar as it comprises dellz evident reshuffling of the figural apparatus inherent in the cult of the vera icona. The question as to the veraciousness of Dante’s necropolitan journey has received many answers, among which the most emblematic one remains Charles Caterian claim that the fic- tion of Dante’s Commedia is “that it is not a fiction.

Fratelli Treves, ,; Giuseppe di Ciaccia, a.

IntraText Digital Library: Author Card: S. Caterina di Siena

Caterina and Dante invite us to embrace their scriptural ges- tures of self-expression as existentially compelling, as the tangible instan- tiations of their authentic individuality. Gallimard, In our ex- cerpt, in fact, it is for God as her “sweet bridegroom Jesus” that one day she hopes to shed her own blood.

Not only must he emancipate djvina from the fictitiousness of Virgil’s suena travelers-from Aeneas, the mythopoetic founder of empires, to Hercules, Theseus, and Pollux, characters extracted from popular and mythical lore; he must also twist free of the figurality where- by Bernardus Silvestris grouped these fictitious travelers under dialoho family tree of the poet as seeker of truth; he must also extricate himself from his 22 Dante, Purgatorio This project, artistic and doctrinal at once, would soon clash with Thomas Aquinas’s veiled con- demnation of the poetae theologi of ancient times, sienz re-elaboration of ancient myths would beguile the human intellect by means of simulacra of truth and suffer therefore-no more, Thomistically speaking, than the poems of their French successors-from an essential “deficiency in truth.

Caterina da Siena, Le lettere, a c.

In identifying his own existential authenticity with the altruism of the journey to the otherworld, Dante sets his individual biography at a radical remove from the verifiable events that punctuate his stations through earthly life.


Harvard University Press, University of Nebraska Press, Parole mie che per 10 mondo siete, voi che nasceste poi ch’io cominciai a dir per quella donna in cui errai: But the immense and flaming goodness of God deceived him, creating in him so much affection and love in the desire of God that he did not know how to stay without Him, and he said to me: However, instead of joining a monastery or marrying she stayed at her parental home, in a kind of cell. She recurs to the immediacy of her olfactory apparatus and to the literalism of the odor of the most basic of bodily fluids, in order to make tangible the notion that, aside from any circumstantial concern with the procedures of human jus- tice, Niccolo is soon to undergo a consecration through the bloodletting of sacrifice; much more than by the figural analogy between Niccolo’s and Jesus’s death, Niccolo’s giving of blood is made to converge and be identified with the divine bleeding on the Cross by the literalism of this bodily analogy.

Help Center Find new research papers in: On Internet several webpages with biographies of Catherine of Siena exist.

Citta Nuova, Putnam,where Cicero refers to the ancient poets and myth-makers as “ii qui Theologi nominantur”; Lactantius, De falsa religione, 1. After some transfer, from to the Center had its premises in the house where Catherine stayed in Via deloa Papa nowadays St.

What is Bernardus up to? A Sano di Maco. This edition wants to document the history of the manuscript tradition: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. We saw in the previous section provviddnza Dante, having appropriated Virgil’s and Bernardus’s respective tropes of the dialogk traveler, transposes the trope of his own personification of the otherworldly traveler onto a literal usurpation of the persona of Orpheus.

Just like Alain de Lille, who in the Anticlaudianus declares that the time has come for him to stop “whispering in gende words But I am using this paradoxical formula deliberately, as an existential application of the principle, argued at length in my Joyce’s Messianism, that Dante’s journey dalogo in an act of self- expression which incorporates alterity as the journey’s very destination.

Letters which can be dated no later than I remained sitting on the ground with the greatest envy. A Luigi di Luigi Gallerani. In one of orovvidenza letters mentioned above, her hunger for the dying body of the crucified Jesus is defined as a sort of “anxietato desiderio,” “solicitous desire”; this “solicitous desire” induces Caterina’s face and eyes to pour the “tears and sweat” of mourning whereby she reshuffles, as we saw, the tropic connotations pertinent to the vera icona.

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Conclusion Both Dante and Caterina perform scriptural gestures of self-expression whose altruistic drive-whose trinitarian reflexivity, as I called it-orbits a realm of unreferentiable events. Skip to main content. Per gentile concessione della Compagnia laicale di Santa Lucia a Siena.

Catherine’s rather unorthodox behaviour and role never prevented her to receive posthumously ecclesiastical recognition. In their respective defense of the cognitive process that, by way of divine cateria, should lead their verses to the “perfection of reason” which is truth, neither cterina scruples to reach for an idiosyncratic exegesis. A Bartolomeo Smeducci da Sanseverino.

Her representation in art is dealt with in a section on iconography. A Regina della Scala.

Videó megnézése

It is primarily therefore a twofold effort of textual revisionism and personal reformation, both sides of the effort being informed by an anti- figurative thrust, that will enable Dante to make the myth of Orpheus’s love for Eurydice nothing short of real to himself In the Commedia, he will actively impersonate the Thracian poet as an altruistic seeker of amorous intimacy rather than a seeker of doctrinal truth.

Ostlender, in Opera omnia Co- logne: Princeton University Press, At the place of execution, Niccolo appears as tame as a lamb,” submissive like a young bride. In order to achieve this objective, the International Centre for Catherinian Studies makes its library available to users with a catalogue on linecarries out a service of specific bibliographical documentationoffers also long-distance consultancy.

Lingua umana non basta, figlia mia, a narrare la pena di queste anime miserande. E ricevuto il segno, dissi io: Click here to sign up. E crescendo il desiderio nell’anima mia, e sentendo il timore suo, dissi: A Cecca di Clemente ed altre mantellate. Iacopo da Lentini’s relevant contribution to the affirmation among the stil-novists of a psychology of amorous desire, derived from the Aristotelian physiology of the heart, is inarguable Nardi, No less intensely than he declared in the Convivio, he is still after the “spiritual union” of his own soul with his “beloved thing,” “cosa amata”;23 yet this “beloved thing” is not philosophy anymore, nor is it, more broadly speaking, the truth of Catholic doctrine, but rather the memory of a little Florentine girl who passed away long before, and whose beauty had the effect of “rousing his mind to action.