CATIA V5. 8 hours. This course will teach you how to identify and use the Tubing Design workbench tools. You will learn the basic steps for creating, modifying. Manual Format. It is important to understand the format of the manual in order to use it most effectively. This manual is designed to be used along with an. The CATIA V5 tubing application is definitely still going through some growing pains. I have had some exposure to piping design and seems to.

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For me, it requires a set up interface, with validation tools. A simple example is the following: In our catia v5 tubing design up, catia v5 tubing design don’t deploy Equipment Arrangement, nor Hanger Design. You will be edsign to select physical parts corresponding to diagram symbols Hope it will help you. If there is one little problem somewhere in one of the text file or tables it does not work – and it is impossible to troubleshoot.

Thbing would like to get some advice on: It was so different from our current process that we stopped looking.

CATIA – Tubing Design

But still the customer wants to catia v5 tubing design on with production soon. Anyway, I have an obscure question for you. The idea is to map functional classes with physical catia v5 tubing design classes. By this I mean, if the algorithm is good enough to avoid us doing trial installation of the hoses in the aircraft. March 25, I don’t know how much success they have had integrating their design data with their manufacturing processes.


In production, our flex hoses are being designed using an alternative workbench; only useful for space allocation though tybing doesn’t reflect reality, but better than nothing.

The bundles definition allows users to model the path of tubes, catia v5 tubing design having to show catiaa individual tubes. Thanks for all your help! Some of them are purely applicative, others address LCA interop. Specific tools are also provided to allow drawing format customization for single and double line display. Does anyone have the experience?

CATScript on the flexible, It spits out the report, but without a length?

We had the identical issue with flexible hoses, and were not able to resolve it catia v5 tubing design. As we have agreed, DS could do some work in making it easier to implement these tools, I’ll ask Santa How are we supposed to define connectors and their corresponding mating parts if the connectors stay in the same place?

Configuration and installation concerns catia v5 tubing design also very problematic. So here is what I know, at V5 R14 level: June 24, How to assign a physical part to a diagram symbol? Our latests tests on R14 seem more promising and we are working on it. March 15, Someone from Boeing, Cessna, Airbus, See PRM documentation for more details. Do you have the acces right for the folders set up correctly? As flexibles belongs to Catia v5 tubing design Function class, it should be possible Electrical, which is done in France.



That’s OK for today. Many of its features and limitations catia v5 tubing design to make more sense if you look at them from a piping standpoint.

Thanks in advance to continue this thread. There is also “DisciplineSuperclasses-All. Well, I’m a consultant, and my client decided that one ressource was sufficient.

COE : Forums : Working with TUBING DESIGN & ENOVIA LCA

During the design process, users can manage the activation of graphic representations, while the active status remains consistent. This definition can access at will any time as needed during the design processes.

Boeing has agreements in place with Dassault that desiyn us to receive documentation and software before it is available to the catia v5 tubing design public so I am not able to provide any of their documents to non-Boeing people.

You dedign control line attributes display in the command panel, and I use this resource. We may eventually allow the Black Box or Exposed Mode for our Kinematics, but we will have to have some User Exits in place catia v5 tubing design ensure that that is the only thing saved that way.