On October 8, Berlin’s hacking collective the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) announced it had analysed a piece of software it believed had been. The famous Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has announced the been variously dubbed “0zapftis”, “Bundestrojaner” or “R2D2” – is likely to kick. The software, which CCC refers to as Bundestrojaner or “government trojan,” can capture screenshots, record keystrokes, and record audio from sources like.

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Bundestrojaner sparks war of words

The security research group F-Secure Labs has reviewed the bundrstrojaner and confirmed that it functions as the CCC described, though they could find no evidence of its origins.

The CCC now has access to several software versions of the trojan, and they all use the same hard-coded cryptographic key and do not look hand-crafted at all.

Why this is indicative of a German Government hacker rather than an independent German hacker who likes beer is open to debate. The analysis also revealed serious security holes that the trojan is tearing into infected systems. In reality this exceptionally bundestrojnaer quality control has neither found that the key is hard coded, nor that the “encryption” is uni-directional only, nor that there cccc a back door for uploading and executing further malware.

Bundestrojaner | The Mary Sue

Archived from the original on Prior to the incident, the system provider had failed to react to proof of the security flaw provided by the CCC, claiming to the public that their system was safe. Retrieved December 28, Trustico Exactis Atlanta cyberattack. Significant design and implementation flaws make all of the functionality available to anyone on the internet. The security research group F-Secure Labs has reviewed the software and confirmed that it functions as the CCC described, though they could find no evidence of its origins.


Telstra now supports eSIMs for wearables.

In bundestromaner postCCC provides no direct evidence that German government developed the bundestrojansr. The three-decade old German hacker group Chaos Computer Club CCC is claiming in a new report that that the German government has developed software to gather information from target computers.

Retrieved December 28, — via www. The Official Samsung Galaxy Site. The CCC was founded in Berlin on 12 September at a table which had previously belonged to the Kommune 1 in the rooms of the newspaper Die Tageszeitung by Wau Holland and others in anticipation of the prominent role that information technology would play in the way people live and communicate.

First, anti-spyware software from any company that would even contemplate not detecting malware, irrespective of its origins, would have to be treated with caution.

The clandestine infiltration bundestrpjaner IT systems by government agencies must stop.

Anthem medical data breach Operation Tovar iCloud leaks of celebrity photos Sony Pictures hack Russian hacker password theft Yahoo! The analysis also revealed serious security holes that the trojan is tearing into infected systems.

They say that the trojan was submitted to their group anonymously, and ccx they have found other iterations operating in the wild.

From a photography of the user’s fingerprint on a glass surface, using “easy everyday means”, [33] the biometrics hacking team of the CCC, was able to unlock an iPhone 5S. Gift card glitch hits Coles, Woolworths shoppers. Retrieved 20 Bundestrojanwr With its help it is possible to watch screenshots of the web browser on the infected PC — including private notices, emails or texts in web based cloud services.


The German constitutional court ruled that there is a sphere of privacy that is afforded total protection and can never be breached, no matter for what reason, for example keeping a diary or husband and wife talking in the bedroom. But the capabilities of the R2D2 trojan allowed for much more than this.

Bundestrojaner sparks war of words – Security – iTnews

You must be a registered member of iTnews to post a comment. Skip to content Award-winning computer security news. I took a cursory look at the strings and I see the string “23CCC23”.

Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Either almost the complete set of government malware has found their way in brown envelopes to the CCC’s mailbox, or the truth has been xcc once again by the reality of eavesdropping and “lawful interception”. From their english-language post: The captured screenshots and audio files were encrypted, but so incompetently that the encryption was ineffective.