3 Jul One of my favourite things about Paige Toon is that she is an author that gives to her readers. she created a website that is totally free called. Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon – Love blossoms on the Formula 1 track in this “ laugh-out-loud funny and touchingly honest” (Company) novel from the Sunday. 25 Aug Paige Toon has released four novels to date and Chasing Daisy was the third. I reviewed her latest book, Pictures of Lily earlier this summer.

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I have no problem reading long books. Since this book has a high average rating I realize that my dislikes about this book toln very subjective and that obviously not everyone would agree.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The story was set on several different country because Daisy works as a front-of-house girl in hospitality and catering for a Formula 1 team, so she goes all around the world wherever the team would race with 2 gorgeous hot racers who she had paig crush for one of them at hate for the other.

It was obviously a book that was hard to put down, slight plot twists and actions that make you yell ‘No!

Untunglah ia masih diijinkan bekerja disana. That was when I was really hesitant whether or not should I finish the book or not.

Chasing Daisy

Oh, that is so cute. Daisy is obvilious to how much the guy likes her. Really enjoyed this First time I’ve read this author and have already downloaded two more of her books. I adore Holly, the best friend, Luis, the cocky Brazilian driver, and Daisy’s loving Italian grandmother, and the entire gallery of tertiary characters.


It was very long, and had the cadence almost resembling a tv show, in that it felt like many episodes over a two season run honestly, it’s a great premise for a prime time drama, someone needs to snatch this up.

As you will notice, this book is on my ‘Abandoned’ shelf. Maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t really find Daisy’s love for Will believable which is why I got annoyed at her actions after his spoiler death. Padahal sewaktu saya mencari-cari buku ini, setiap website yang menjual buku ini selalu menyediakan 2 bab pertama buku ini. I won’t go into her background too much as it’s all kept quite secret and would therefore give away spoilers but she’s quite fiery and determined which are characteristics I like.

Insta-love is not really as believable as a blossoming friendship which eventually led to love. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I don’t have time or patience or inspiration to write a new one. Daisy’s feelings for Will does not go unnoticed as Louis the other racing driver sees the way she looks each time he walks into the room.

There was one plot twist I did NOT see coming! Paige Toon has a natural gift for writing. At the local pub, she spies the gorgeous bartender Joe, whose parents run the venue. So I was hopeful this novel would give some insight to the world of Formula One and it does, brilliantly, and I loved it. Not by any ordinary guy, no So why am I supposed to feel sorry for the girl because she is ‘in love’ with a man in a serious relationship is beyond me, its also beyond me why I should like her actively going after said man.

Chicklit Club book reviews for PAIGE TOON

It would be inappropriate for ages 12 and under. I enjoyed when Daisy and Luis would practise different swear words in different languages, so funny. Luis is holding much of the guilt for arguing with Will just daish over Daisy. And now, not even half way through, I’m mad, because quite honestly, it is NOT a good work of fiction.


I think Daisy grew and took time to herself which helped her decide what it was she truly needed to be pursuing. Really really enjoyed this book! This is the first book I have read by Paige Toon but the bright front cover was calling me in!

Pity, because it had such good reviews. This book surprised me.

I was wary w When I read the first few pages, I thought the book was funny and I was really excited to start reading it. I was sooo tempted to give this book 5 stars for Luis alone but I really can’t disy though I’m fairly certain he is my future book husband.

Paola is her middle name actually, so we’ll see what happened with one of Johnny’s girl post chasong. You feel her all her emotions as she tries to stop herself from falling for Will due to him having a girlfriend, and you especially feel her anger when she argues with Luis, but those were the best bits for me. Which brings me to: I devoured every page he was on like reading was going out of fashion. Kepedihan Daisy ketika harus melepaskan will benar-benar pekat terasa.

I realize that this is par for the course in Young Adult books, and in some of those cases it works reasonably well i.