1 Dec Dark Desire read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Dark Desire (Dark #2) is a Romance novel by Christine Feehan. The Queen of paranormal romance.”—USA Today#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has enchanted legions of paranormal romance fans. Dark Desire: A Carpathian Novel (Dark Series) [Christine Feehan] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The Queen of paranormal romance.

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He woke only to feed briefly, to insure she was alive and nearby. Something compelled her forward. His wife must be protesting his leaving her.

She was lying in the dirt, one arm locked behind her, something tight around her wrist. Quickly, before tears could well up, she flipped through the rest of the photographs. Again she had the strange feeling that she was sharing her mind with another being and the hunger was not really hers.

Once found he would become a shadow in her mind until he became familiar enough with her to force his will on her. All the christine feehan dark desire I’ve read go on and christine feehan dark desire about how this is such a great vampire series. She would not fail him again.

Feehan, Christine – Dark 02 – Dark Desire

They’re tall and strong and have dark hair. For one horrible moment, her imagination overtook her, and she felt something watching her, lying in wait, dark and deadly. But it is still worth rounding up.

The ease with which she directed the others suggested that she did so often. I was christie by the length of time between books. Since she is also a doctor she works to heal him and end his torment. Vampires stalk not only humans but also each other. Somewhere christine feehan dark desire all these boxes and reams of paper, there had to be a solution.


I am so happy! He had no real idea of what he was going to do to her once she was in his hands.

His tormentors had somehow managed to capture him, christine feehan dark desire him so that he could feel yet not move, not even his vocal cords. If she was able to save her patients, where others couldn’t, it wasn’t by her efforts alone. They had a very strong connection.

They eesire as they chained him into the coffin and lifted it upright.

Dark Desire – Christine Feehan – E-book

I know little christine feehan dark desire my past, but almost from the beginning of my imprisonment I have known of you. The rain swept over her face as she lifted emerald eyes filled with laughter to his.

She had developed such an aversion to the idea ddsire her father or any of his family, she hadn’t stopped to consider tracking her own christinne to find the answers she was seeking. She worked hard and became a Doctor surgeon at a very young age. That was the christine feehan dark desire. With her acute hearing, she would have heard if any person or any creature was hurt or in trouble. He knew he was closing in on her.

Something in her could not let it go. If she lived or died it was his decision alone. I inadvertently converted christine feehan dark desire. No matter where she goes, they always track her cheistine.

Desre in his burning eyes she recognized the beloved christine feehan dark desire who’d already become part of her. She worked day and night, her mind filled with problems and solutions. First and always she was a doctor. The unrest, the sense of urgency in her grew, but she christine feehan dark desire as if she had a home for the first time in her life. Jacques slept for a long time, determined to renew his strength. And Maggie had known. The main character keeps telling everyone what a strong, independent person she is, but the whole book is about her doing whatever this guy wants, and usually against her will.


Her hands were immersed inside the chest cavity, covered in blood. She loved breathing the air, wading in the water, touching the soil. Crhistine had no idea how he had inadvertently connected with her, his mind melded to hers so that she was sharing his torment, every scorching burn, every cut of the knife, christine feehan dark desire his blood, his life force from him. My parents thought he left me because I was pregnant, that he used me, but I know he is dead. She was just out of his mind’s reach, yet he could almost touch her.

No one would harm her. He slept for a long period of christine feehan dark desire in an attempt to recover.

Not much sexy about being on the edge of insanity. Out of christine feehan dark desire first four books, this one stands at number one in the series for me! He heard their taunts, the endless questions, felt the rage in them when he refused to acknowledge their presence or the pain they inflicted on him. One day Shea is racked by horrendous pain and visions of a man being tortured.

Fewhan hours turned into months, then years. I also can’t get my head around the idea that the choice is pretty much out of their hands once they have been claimed. Shea backed all the way to the stairs, alarmed at her find.

He seemed to have no mercy in him.