ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Contax Tvs instruction manuals and related photographic literature for. 25 Jan Hello I just bought contax tvs film one and cannot find nowhere manual in english . i found only japanese one. Do anybody have link to manual. 18 Apr It may sound stupid (expecially when you use the TVS for one year) but I have just discovered that in the manual-focus mode, you have some.

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Reply Eddy September 19, at 8: The shutter release button is recessed and positioned quite far to the right of contax tvs manual top plate. Contax tvs manual Brian September 18, at 8: Yeah, having looked more am going to take my time on the contax SLR thing. Certainly contax tvs manual the model T, which has a prime lens, the results really are very sharp.

Reply jeremy north September 11, at 6: What a great feature! These were all portra overexposed a stop or two apart from the banal one of the stair rail which is cinestill included that to show meter accuracy. Contax tvs manual live and work in Oxford in the south east of England. Is the LCD working to show the current exposure compensation? Reply Eddy September 12, at 8: Reply Frank Lehnen November 27, at If nowt else I think i need to get rid of some unused cameras first: The design is clean and sleek but perhaps a little bland for some tastes.

The G2 rangefinder is my favourite 35mm camera but with one huge caveat, it lacks a true manual focus.

To mitigate this I try to store the camera with the battery out in a fully extended position so at least the cable is straight when not in use.


Let ten more years and I will be cojtax to use an autofocus camera in the right contax tvs manual and then evolve to digital cameras. Reply Chad Ivan M. Exposure metering is also good. Groups of people, the odd portrait and street scenes. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Aperture is set with a firm and clicky ring on the lens itself with options from f3. It handles like a dream, even shooting one mznual. It is the contax tvs manual travel camera with stunning lenses and handling. A particular concern with the TVS is a thin micro ribbon cable connecting the lens to the camera body.

Contax TVS Digital Instruction Manual | Page 60

Compared to most compacts however this is a decent viewfinder which automatically masks for parallax so stays accurate even when close up. Notify me of new posts by email. May I ask which film was used? The Vario-Sonar lens has a modest mm zoom range which is perfect for this type of photography I think.

The TVS is not contax tvs manual everyone and not for every photographic situation but, contax tvs manual days, I think there are lots of good subjective reasons to consider it.

User Guide for Contax Camera, Free Instruction Manual

But here on 35mmc objectivity is only ever part of the story. The Contax TVS shutter release is surprisingly good.

The Contax TVS has a thread for Beautifully solid manuwl a good way, but much too contax tvs manual. Reply Eddy September 11, at 1: But as someone who owns and uses quite a lot of other characterful, quirky and also some crappy lenses the relatively straightforward but high quality results of the TVS Vario-Sonar are right for the uses I make of it.

In the off position this cable folds on itself inside the lens barrel in a quite mankal position that is bound to create points of weakness. So in summary the Contax Contax tvs manual is a pleasure to use.


Manual focusing | CONTAX Tvs | Flickr

In manual mode it becomes a centre weighted reflective spot meter. Thanks for that great info Jeremy. Reply Brady December 8, fvs When the TVS came out in most of the big camera makers were competing to contax tvs manual each other at the luxury end of the compact market.

The TVS does a very good job at pretty contax tvs manual all the things I want from a camera like this and it does those things in a pleasurable and tactile way. You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Its body is made out of Titanium, it has a really nice Zeiss Vario-Sonar zoom lens and a good range of sensible contax tvs manual conrax.

Reply Dan James September 12, contax tvs manual 7: Where those cameras produce images of outstanding technical excellence this one is merely very good. Edited by Sonny Boy Havidson member 7 years ago.

This is a solid little camera. By clicking that link, contax tvs manual long as you buy, bid contax tvs manual or win an auction within 24hrs — at no extra cost congax you — I will receive a little kick back from ebay to help keep 35mmc up and running.

And with a Contax badge on the front too! I really wanted to love the Contax T vs! The answer related with the DOF button was just to kanual how I can be long to discover a new function on a camera, it has no direct connection with my TVS I have the first film version which is not hvs SLR.