We will consider how biomedical writers communicate technical information about disease and public health to general audiences; how writers capture the human experience of disease and health care; how writers treat the public policy implications of disease; and how writers design publicity to promote public health. In a workshop setting, students will write and revise documents that promote broad understanding of scientific research and analysis of specialized knowledge. Rhetoric concerns both the art of mastering the available means of persuasion and the study of how oral, written, and visual communication projects the intentions of individuals and groups, makes meanings, and affects audiences. Students will examine the selected play in the context of films, graphic novels, comic books, and other provocative artistic forms. Students will write about and create a number of visual media in this projectcentered class.

Previous experience in the fundamentals of writing for interactive media and games, such as that provided by IMGD Writing and class discussion will be integral parts of this course. It is intended to help students become more effective communicators by learning about the rhetorical situation and various rhetorical techniques, and it is designed to help them understand how various forms of communication work by learning some of the philosophies and strategies of rhetorical analysis. This course explores the managerial aspects of theatrical production, in both the WPI campus and the professional theatre world. II This writing-intensive course covers concepts and skills necessary to write and implement narrative in interactive media and games. This course emphasizes the standard written genres of professional, workplace communication.

Where applicable, the topical theme of the class will be provided via the Registrar’s office.

This course will cover basic principles of prose style for expository and argumentative writing. The course creative writing wpi major modern works of fiction and drama, including such literary forms as the play, the novel of ideas, and the utopian novel.

Students create a portfolio of both hardcopy and online documentation, using professional tools such as FrameMaker, Acrobat, and RoboHelp. Students will read literary works in creative writing wpi variety of genres narratives, poems, sermons, plays, stories, and novels that reflect the emerging nation? Investigation will also focus on the reading and discussion of exemplary works across genres, with an emphasis on contemporary practice.

Creative writing wpi course is reading and writing intensive and is intended for students with backgrounds in a scientific discipline who are interested in applying their disciplinary knowledge. Through written work and oral presentations, course participants will engage creatively with a fundamental question: Topics covered may include the 3 dimensions of character, growth and development of the player-character and non-player characters, dialogue, character relationships and evoking emotions through rhetorical tropes.

II Worcester has had a rich and varied literary history from Isaiah Thomas’s founding of the American Antiquarian Society in the early s to the works of S. Focusing on Milton, John Creative writing wpi and others, we will examine the theme of sin? From creative writing wpi Anglo-Saxon poems to the popular verse of Tennyson, the songs and the poets are legion: Contemporary playwrights studied will include those from around the world whose work has been seen on international stages since the creative writing wpi.


The ultimate goal of the course is to help students creative writing wpi sentences and paragraphs that are clear, concise, and graceful. WR Elements of Writing. Discussion of the growth of regional theatres and their importance to the continuation of theatre as a serious and non-profit art form will be included in the course.

Attention will also be given to recent innovations in digital poetry, multiethnic poetry, and performance poetry. Students will create portfolios, producing professional writing samples they may use on the job market.

Attention to theatre movements that reflect contemporary issues will be included, and producing groups that have operated with textual revision, minimal text, or no texts will be considered. With his many references to syphilis, Bubonic Plague, mental illness, and other serious afflictions, Shakespeare illuminates the harsh reality of living in 16th and 17th-century England. Study will focus upon building skills to effectively analyze form and structure through dramatic content, and to create approaches to staging the plays from an informed understanding of the elements of theatrical style.

Students will creative writing wpi short analytical papers that critically assess various rhetorical and communicative approaches. How do the natural and the naturalized relate to artifice and the artificial in this context?

Worcester may not receive credit for EN Such authors as Conrad, Kesey, Camus and Ellison show characters struggling with the questions of moral responsibility raised by love, religion, death, money, conformity.

Rhetoric and Writing

I This methodology course introduces students to issues in the study of writing creative writing wpi as the history and uses of literacy, the relationship of thought to language, the role of writing in producing knowledge, and research on composing. II Participants in this course will examine outstanding works of 19th-century English poetry and fiction, and consider questions of identity, beauty, judgment, and social responsibility.

The cultural context and creative writing wpi assumptions of the novels will be studied as well as their form and technique.

I This introductory course will give the student an understanding of the forms of drama, the styles of theatre performance and production, and the emergence of new forms creative writing wpi styles. Topics covered may creative writing wpi study of the structure of theatrical organizations, recognizing planning techniques for the production process, discovery of organizational dynamics within the theatre environment, and detailed exploration of various managerial tasks within theatrical productions.

This writing workshop focuses on the purposed and genres of writing about disease and public health. Students will also be reading texts by contemporary writers such as David Mamet which address the theme of sin in the modern city.

EN 2219: Creative Writing – Poetry

Students will use knowledge of previous experiences within the theatre, along with readings and assignments, to aid in the discussion that comprises the majority of the course. This course emphasizes the standard written genres of professional, workplace communication. Then, through hands-on writing exercises and extensive revision of their own and others? Technical writing combines technical knowledge with writing skills to communicate technology to the world.


Students will develop a personal and theoretical understanding of the cultural origin of people? Classes will be conducted as interactive writing workshops in which students assess and respond to rhetorical scenarios and sample texts from a variety of professional worksites.

It is intended to help students become more effective communicators by learning about the rhetorical situation and various rhetorical techniques, and it is designed to help them understand how various forms of communication work by learning some of the philosophies and strategies of rhetorical analysis. Through observing, studying and experiencing incidents of cross-cultural communication, they will begin to examine and develop skills that are necessary for effective understanding and for creative writing wpi communication among majority and minority groups.

Research and writing projects, and performance activities will offer the student experience in the theory and practice studied creative writing wpi the course. Students will work in a laboratory situation functioning as a micro-professional theatre which could develop a production that would be staffed and dramaturged from the group.

I This course explores how visual design is used for purposes of identification, information, and persuasion. New psychological creative writing wpi run parallel with creative writing wpi in the use of myth, stream of consciousness, and symbolism.

In her notes about Charles Babbage? II This advanced seminar in creative writing includes sustained attention to the writing of fiction, poetry, and short prose forms among other genres, culminating in final projects essay, play, poem, story, or some combination thereof determined by individual interest and in consultation with the instructor. The novels treat love, travel, humor, work, adventure, madness, and self-discovery; the novelists may include Fielding, Austen, Creative writing wpi, Eliot, Wodehouse, creative writing wpi Woolf.

I Participants in this seminar will examine the English novel from its origins in the eighteenth century to its twentieth-century forms, exploring the rich variety of ways a writer may communicate a personal and social vision. WR Elements of Writing creative writing wpi equivalent writing courses.

Getting Started – EN Creative Writing – Poetry – Guides at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I This survey course covers American literature from its beginnings in the colonial period through the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne in the early nineteenth century. The England that nourished these writers creative writing wpi be viewed through their ballads, lyrics, sonnets, epigrams, and epics.

In the process, regular writing exercises and class visits from established authors will help to create a community of writers grounded in diverse methods.

Emphasis will be placed on the way moral issues evolve creative writing wpi the complications of individual lives, as depicted in fiction. It looks at many modes of visual communication, such as icons, logos, trademarks, signs, product packaging, infographics, posters, billboards, ads, exhibits, graffiti, page layout, films, television, videogames, and creative writing wpi sites. Students who have taken WRX may not receive credit for this course.