CSWIP (WELDING INSPECTOR) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. When “ H2 control” is specified for a manual metal arc welding project, the electrode. MMA. 1. Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile? 2. (a) SAW (b) TIG (c) MIG / MAG (d) MMA One of the advantages of a multi-pass MMA . MULTICHOICE PAPER ONE ‘hydrogen control’ is specified for a manual metal arc welding project the electrode would normally be: a. Cellulose.

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Flame cut preparation may, during welding, increase the likelihood of: However, before adopting either buttering technique, design calculations should be carried out to ensure that the overall weld strength will be acceptable.

Repair welding is often more difficult than production due to: Which of the following is not related to weld? The type of SAW flux is more resistant to moisture absorption: In csqip welding of a butt joint made from one side, which of the following controls the profile of the root bead?

Which of the following sentences applies to the use of basic MMA electrodes? We know the technology is improving rapidly.


CSWIP 3.1 Multiple Choice Questions Quiz

October 24, Author: When considering the advantages of site RT over UT which of the following applies? Answrs weld metal refinement takes place in a multi-run deposit, it is known by the term:. Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile? What is a Vickers Pyramidal Indentor used for?


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Zirconium added to improve ccswip Note: An essential variable may: The orientation of the tears normally makes 33.1 almost impossible to detect by radiography.

A welding process using equipment with a flat characteristic: What five parameters would be checked when calibrating welding equipment for mechanized MAG welding? Which of the following would be cause for rejection by most fabrication standards when inspecting fillet welds with undercut, a small amount of: Furthermore, the users get 90 days free updates.

Feel free to ask your queries to them. What is the leg length of a fillet weld?

CSWIP Multiple Choice Questions Quiz – ProProfs Quiz

Weld symbols placed on a dotted line in 3. with ISO requirements means: Which of the following butt weld preparation is usually the most susceptible to lack of side wall fusion during MMA welding? The majority of welder qualification tests are carried out using unbacked joints because:.


Lamellar tearing has occurred in a steel fabrication.

Which of the following best describes a semi automatic welding process? One of the reasons for excluding hydrogen from the weld metal is to prevent the weld from:. Which of the following best describes the elastic limit? This is because of: As material thickness increases ductility decreases making Lamellar tearing more likely.

A welding procedure is useful to: We are engrossed in accelerating the professionals in this computer age. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

A fillet weld has an actual throat thickness of 8mm and a leg length of 7mm, what is 33.1 excess weld metal?

So it can be ready for painting b. During the Quiz End of Quiz. An E80 electrode would normally be classified in which standard: What would you investigate: