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The Regulation meant dee the legal principle of “occupational risk”, which attributed the whole responsibility for the accidents to the employer and made the workers decteto suffered the accidents exempt from any responsibility.

The Politics of Disablement. Work, Disability and Social Control: The NIMHSW paid significant attention to this education and propaganda work that was aimed at modifying the worker’s subjectivity. Social History of Medicine26, A total of papers were presented at this scientific meeting III Congreso,p.

This turned the worker into the possible bearer of a new stigma, in addition to the stigma of being labelled disabled.

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As, either temporarily or permanently, it caused a decrease in the productive forces, it was established decteto a negative factor for the nation’s prosperity. After stating that with this Institute a milestone had been reached in this phase for Spain El Instituto,pp. It was an insurance to which all employed workers had to subscribe, the costs of which were paid for by the employers.

To stress this last point, it was affirmed that: Political Anatomy of the Body. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. The relevance held by these concepts for the ideological configuration of Francoism was determined by the decision of the ” Caudillo ” Leader as his followers called Francisco Franco to group the different political organisations who supported him into a single party.


Inthe 2nd Republic gave it the responsibility of managing a new institution: Amongst the conclusions reached at this meeting, in which over five hundred people took part and two hundred and eighty-seven papers were presented, I would like to underscore here the following: Furthermore, if we take into account that, as we saw above, the worker had not fulfilled the safety provisions, he could be sanctioned, this method meant a threat to the possibilities of the injured ” productor ” receiving compensation that could be dde to him in the dscreto of becoming disabled.

The National Work Accident Fund was set up for this purpose. The difficulties of democratic states to channel satisfactory responses led to the rise of totalitarian ideologies, drcreto as National Socialism in Germany or Fascism in Italy.

The NIMHSW responded to this challenge by carrying out training courses to provide the state with decrego type of doctors that it needed Cursillo, Regarding the way disability was considered by Franco’s regime, two ideas should be highlighted due to their importance.

On the other hand, unlike the occurrence in Spain with the Civil War, the victorious coalition in the Second World War allowed, for example, the recommendations of William Beveridge to be followed and a universal welfare state model to be implanted, which the Franco regime’s system tried to emulate very slowly, initially more vecreto on a paternalistic and Bismarckian conception.

Movement social, On the one hand, by significantly moving the responsibility of producing accidents towards the worker, occupational medicine changed the perception of work accident victims.


Its Statutes established Art. Some consequences of this situation should be highlighted.

decreto 5707 de 2006 em pdf to excel

Regarding the worker, the Minister of Labour stated that his efficiency was ed interesting point. SER, 6 At the beginning of the s, with the change of scene produced by the introduction of a gradually liberalising policy, industrial production would show very noteworthy growth rates.

El Instituto Nacional de Medicina del Trabajo. This person would be given a wide range of functions that were related to obtaining an increase in the individual efficiency by the producers. As we will see further on, the Franco Regime’s new legislation would include these approaches and provide occupational medicine with a strategic position within the framework of the actions aimed at exercising social control over the ” productores “.

Therefore, from the pages of the first issue of their magazine, they highlighted the fact that the work performed by experts with special training in this subject was “highly necessary”, and they stated that the state needed “many thousands” of this type of doctor to help Spanish industry resolve several significant problems: Decrfto method of approaching disability prevention was accompanied by a series of consequences regarding the way this phenomenon was interpreted.

On the one hand, the productive power of the economy depended on a large, able-bodied workforce.