Helping users accomplish a lot without doing a lot of coding, this book gives a great overview of programming in Delphi starting with the basics–form design. 23 Sep Use it to prepare for a formal introductory Delphi training course or to refresh yourself with the principles of this versatile Web-programming. DELPHI PROGRAMMING FOR DUMMIES overview and full product specs on CNET.

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This will show the form, label and button properties. Writing your first Delphi program.

Delphi Programming for Dummies – Neil J. Rubenking – Google Books

Let us first look at the main program code. The main delphi programming for dummies for a button is a Click. This A will then show as selected: Code that we add will run when the button is clicked. The unit comprises two main parts – the interface section, which tells what the unit does. To run the program, delphi programming for dummies can click on the Green triangle like a Video play buttonor press F9. As we type, Delphi helps us with a list of possible options for the item we are working on.

This can be activated xummies by double clicking the button on the form. We have shown the form reduced in size for convenience delphi programming for dummies, but you will find it larger on your computer. Click on the unit keyword in the code to learn more. This code is called a Unit and is a Delphi module – one chunk of code. These are ignored by pgogramming Delphi compiler, but help the coder understand delphi programming for dummies code. It allows us to write a command spread across multiple lines – telling Delphi when we have finished the command.


This gives us our first form element: It includes a reference to Unit1. Dlphi the program runs it looks like this: Standard, Additional, Win32 and so on. Delphi does a lot of work for us – the programmer simply uses the mouse to click, drag, size and position graphical delphi programming for dummies to build each screen of the application.

These actions can help you with your blog hosting as well.

This will show the code that Delphi generated to kick start your program. Each part or delphi programming for dummies can be passive displaying text or graphicsor active responding to a user mouse or keyboard action. We assign a text value ‘Hello World’ to the caption property. Having selected a graphical element, we then mark out on the form where we want to place the element.

This is done by clicking and dragging.

Delphi Programming for Dummies

Whilst we have only typed one line of code, Delphi has typed many for us. In our instance, we are setting a Label caption: This comprises a number of windows, including the menu bar, a code editor, and the first screen form delphi programming for dummies our program.

This prlgramming code will not do anything as it stands. Here you see that Delphi has listed all appropriate actions that start with ca.


Note that we terminate this line of code with a ; – all Delphi code statements end with this indicator. If you save this code, it will save in a file called Unit1. We will concern ourselves here with the common, modern, GUI delphi programming for dummies. So let us change the label caption when the button is pressed.

We now have a label and a button on the form. Click on the A image to select a Label. This Caption is called a Property of the label. Right click on the form, and select the View as text item from the drop down list. You can click on delphi programming for dummies word marked in blue to see reference information for that word: It is a blank form, onto which we can delphi programming for dummies various controls and information.

We can click as many times as we like with the same outcome. Delphj we must set an action, called an Eventfor the button. Do not worry about dimmies editor window at the moment. We will select the simplest from the Standard collection. The label has many delphi programming for dummies properties such as height and width, but for now, we are only concerned with the caption.

Let us blank out the caption.