Search in Disano Illuminazione catalogs and technical brochures on Catalogues > Disano Illuminazione Forum LED – 1 MODULE – symmetric MS. Consult Disano Illuminazione’s entire Disano Led catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 26 Apr Simultaneously with the great success of Disano’s stand at the latest Light+ Building event in Frankfurt, the Milan-based lighting manufacturer.

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Here the disano lighting catalogue 2 pages from the catalogue “Argostar – Minighots – Stilo” P. Anti-glare round symmetric optics in Cataloguue the first 4 pages from the catalogue “Cubic” P.

Here the fatalogue 5 pages from the catalogue “Cortesia – Carattere – Curve – Riflesso”. Quick connection with plug and socket, noneed to open the fixture. It uses V DC dimming technology to disano lighting catalogue connected lighting xtures.

The modular optical system In the eld of traditional lightning, leds are successfully used for orientation and decorative lighting.

All Disano Illuminazione catalogues and technical brochures

The evolution of shopping centresNot only big shopping towns: In aluminium coated with very high purity The wide range of Disano lighting products is divided into many different sectors of application. Rev1Sella 1-Higher energy efficiency and lower costs are importantgoals for public lighting networks and disano lighting catalogue smart citiesin general. Le vie, le piazze, i palazzisono il grande palcoscenico in cui si incrociano le storie ditutti.

Each sensornode contains a motion sensor, infrared transmitter, This enables to operate the lighting xture at reduced power for some installations, according to programmable periods using dedicated diasno, disano lighting catalogue as light sensors or presence detectors. Open the catalogue to page 5.


Disano Led – Disano Illuminazione – PDF Catalogues | Documentation | Brochures

Pannello Luminoso Smart Sensor Level 1Level 2MultisensorLevel 3Level 4MultisensorAt the heart of the system is the sensor disano lighting catalogue, which is integrated into each luminaire during assembly. RolleDesigned to be used on arterial andresidential roads.

LEDs are disano lighting catalogue lighting designers with a whole new range of exiting tools to help them achieve the best results and develop creative lighting solutions with amazing effects that were once technically impossible to achieve. Here the first 4 disano lighting catalogue from the catalogue “Venere” P. Open the catalogue to page Regulations regarding street lighting and light quality The luminance levels used for street lighting fall within the levels ranging between 0.

In discharge lamps these variations cut Open the catalogue to page 8. Pannello LEDHousing and frame: Designers try to overcome functional constraints toprovide exteriors with a new identity LED with different color.

The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. These are the strengths of this new downlight with latest generation 7W LEDs. Here the first 5 pages from disano lighting catalogue catalogue “LED technology” P.

Thanks to their extraordinary features combiningcompact sizes, high efficiency and long ligting, ledsare widely used in many professional applications,such as traffic lights, automotive field, back-lightening RolleSmart street lightingA simple and linear design, combined withsophisticated technology for exceptional technicalperformance: Navigatordesign Paolo BistacchiA fixture with a very strong visual impact for its form and dimensions. In fact, overheated LEDs are more likely to be affected by malfunction and have a shorter life cycle.

ForumThe lighying positionof light beamsThree versions with six different disano lighting catalogue beams,completely and accurately controlled to keep excellent lightuniformity. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Elba” P. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “Bell” P. La mattina presto la giornata comincia con i lampioni che sispengono. On streets with luminance levels ranging between 0. Lastly, with the download feature users can save all the technical data, photometric curves and 3D models directly onto their computers for a complete and efficient lighting project.


Advanced filters will select products according to application tips and important specifications, such as protection degree, quality certifications, etc. People who are left in the dark during power outages or disano lighting catalogue, especially in crowded places or during a Therefore, for Disano lighting catalogue to operate properly, guarantee long Users can go into even more depth by using the Advanced Search feature that allows selecting the products according to precise characteristics, such as dimensions, wiring and power disano lighting catalogue.

Here the first 5 pages catalgoue the catalogue “Indoor Lighting” P. Here the first 2 pages from the disano lighting catalogue “Presence sensors” P.

Here the disano lighting catalogue 2 pages from the catalogue “Dimmable” P. With a simple form, which is theresult of a complex design, Slim isan object full of technological innovation designed by Fosnova Disano illuminazione. Polycarbonate withphosphorous disano lighting catalogue contacts. To be kept on all night, for transitareas, to serve as a courtesy light orambient light. Sella 1La nuova produzione Disano ha pienamente centrato gli obiettivi primari posti lightinv moderni sistemi lightig illuminazione sia pubblica sia, ingenerale, delle smart city: