Framax. The Doka frame formwork Framax is the ideal frame formwork for large- area forming using the crane. The exceptionally high load capacity and long. The Doka Framax Xlife system is a heavy duty clamp system with a long lifespan that is perfect for large area wall forming. with Framax Xlife universal panels. 94 with Framax outside corners and Framax. Xlife panels. Doka column formwork platform /90cm. Circular.

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Circular Formwork with Framax Xlife The fast way to doka framax chorded circular walls. U4 “HafenCity”, high supporting construction frames. Steel and timber fillers make details a snap. Form Tech Formwork Doka-Framax. The multi-function clamp dokq an adjustment range up to 6″ doka framax cmwhich matches exactly the steps in panel widths. Documents on system groups or superseded systems.

framaxx Berg Isel Ski-Jump More. Doka framax form for outstanding concrete surfaces The special surface of the Framax Xlife panels produces an excellent concrete finish, not just the first time, but again and again and again. The large, conical form-tie sleeves in the panels enable them to be stood at an angle on one or both sides, and to be height-mismatched. The Framax stripping corner I was designed specifically for use with shaft formwork.


Locked at doka framax angles with quick pins for pouring. Brochures Doka Framax Doka framax. The wide form-tie spacing of up to 1. You can amend your cookie settings at any time using the cookie settings link fdamax the page footer.

Up to a doka framax height of 5. Framax Xlife wall form panels Modular and symmetrical panels ensure the best possible utilization of formwork.

Doka Framax Heavy Duty Clamp System from Form Tech

Same price per piece as the bid Accessories available on request: Folded flat for stripping and doka framax. Sale subject to seller’s approval. Ideal for complex geometries and very highly reinforced structural elements.

Cookies and third-party applications are used on our website. With the Framax Circular forming plates and Framax Xlife formwork panels, radius walls can be formed effortlessly. It enables the formwork to be closed and opened doka framax accordance with accident protection regulations, i. Doka framax include country and language settings.

The x Framax Xlife panels provide a tie spacing of 20 sq. Your message Hello, I found an item on Auctelia which could doka framax you. Only two different types of conical Monotec tie are doka framax for economically forming wall thicknesses of between 15 cm and 35 cm.

3 Doka Framax-Scharnierecke 60 x 90 cm

This enables preferred settings to be made available to you again when you revisit the website. It can be used for both walls and stop-ends. This means that only one closure is needed per wall plane. Doka framax rails over the entire width of the panels ensure fast installation of accessories such as panel struts, universal waling and walkway brackets – quick doka framax a flash at any location along the integrated waling system.


This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially.

Framed formwork Alu-Framax Xlife

Pierce it, so there are no ugly marks in the concrete. This ergonomically comfortable option for manipulating doka framax ties from just doka framax side of the formwork saves time, and thus shortens the forming-times. Quick acting clamp RU.

The 90 cm and cm wide Framax Xlife universal panels are ideal for forming changing column cross-sections in 2″ increments – without extra column formwork doka framax the construction site.

Modular and symmetrical panels ensure the best possible doka framax of formwork. No manual compacting is necessary.