DPM BL-100303 PDF

BLU: Voltmeter 20vdc Lcd Panel Mount BLU: Panel Meter; Volt; Reflective LCD; DPM=+5VDC; Range=VDC; Terminals=13 Pins. BLU — DPM LCD 5V/MV BEZEL BLU, Jewell Instruments LLC, DPM LCD W/S 5V/20V. Серия: BL · Type: Voltmeter · Measuring Range. BL – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement Jewell Modutec; Description: Digital Panel Meters 3 1/2-DIG 5V/2V DPM; Qty In-Stock: click box for stock.

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Y92AN available; go online or call. Indicators become controllers by inserting one or more of the output cards, listed separately at the bottom of this page. The meter also includes jumper selectable RS or RS serial communications.

Mounts directly on 35mm DIN track with screw terminal termination. This, combined with a simplified, hinged escapement drive, also eliminates the possibility of miscounts and greatly adds to the life of the counter.

레오콤 전자부품 쇼핑몰 –

Industrially hardened Opto Terminals offer low-cost, compact and durable operator interfaces for the plant floor and remote locations. Relay 84K 84K Accuracy synchronous with AC power. Able to function in harsh conditions of vibration, shock, moisture bl-1100303 dust. Up to data points can be input into a spreadsheet or text file for custom linearization. Rpm include dual 5A Form C relays for alarm or control, plus a choice of isolated or non-isolated analog output scalable from VDC, mA, or mA.


Price Each 55F MCJR2S00 is 5-digit predetermining counter for cut-to-length, filling, batching, locating, and similar applications.

LCD with backlighting capability. Order external shunts and current transformers separately on pages and High accuracy and repeatability.

ON-delay and cumulative operation functions with eight timing ranges from 0. Each controller is moisture, dust and dirt proof.

BL-100302 – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement

General options include supplementary red pointer, slave pointer, calibration for non-standard ambient temperatures, special scales, trim potentiometers, and illuminated dials with white or red light sources.

Four setpoint alarm outputs, retransmitted analog output and communication and bus capabilities with option cards. Voltage output is rated 12VDC, 20mA with short-circuit protection. Wide span and offset scaling range. Relay output is rated 3A, VAC. Set points are screwdriver adjustable over entire display range or over narrower ranges selected by jumpers on screw terminal strip. Base-mounted insulated types are for light control panels, educational and laboratory application.


Wire connections are made with screw clamp type terminals.


Large, superbright 5-digit 0. Totalizers are powered by an internal lithium cell, and available in model D unidirectional and model D bidirectional models that are capable of count speeds to 10kHz.

UL listed, CE certified. Programmable user input digital for added flexibility. Process meters provide zero and span adjustments for readout in engineering units.

LCD versions use a supply of 3. Each meter incorporates a precision, ultra-stable voltage reference and is factory calibrated prior to encapsulation. Accuracy for all models show: For use with BUS. All models are highly-flexible, compact units featuring bright, backlit LCD screens, ideal for interfacing with PLCs that lack integrated displays.