View Perpu_Nomor_2_Tahun_ tentang from LAW 1 at 20 pages PERDA KOTA DEPOK THN NO 02 TTG PERUBAHAN KEDUA ATAS . Unfortunately, House’s intention to reform seems to not exist on the final draft of the MD3 Law. On 10 July , the House of Representatives held a Plenary These are the Bill on Soil and Water Conservation (RUU Konservasi Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan UU Ormas Tahun ke-V (2 Juli. Some say that the bill was initially drafted to limit the actions of fundamentalist On 12 April , women from FAMM-Indonesia joined a protest rally in Surabaya, East “Hati-hati kembalinya militerisme di balik ruu ormas!.

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As the House prepares to deliberate the contentious Ormas bill, we stress that all existing concerns and problematic provisions in the bill must be duly addressed. In the absence dfaft any expressed commitment or effort to do so, we call on all members of the House to reject the Ormas bill in its current form.

Pancasila is not religion. This section provides two phases of strategic recommendations: Through certain laws and regulations, the government has recognized the importance and contributions of civil society. The discussion of the draft bill is still going on. A foundation is not allowed to conduct economic activities directly. After the fall of the New Order regime inIndonesia underwent four rounds of constitutional amendments ruj toin order to ensure better protection for civil liberties and the political rights of citizens.

This position, however, was not accepted following discussion in the Special Committee. Tax deductions for donations to support disaster rehabilitation, research and development, improved infrastructure, education facility, and sports have been available since Any actions undertaken by an ordinary association will be considered as the actions of the individual member of the association.

LRWD Edition 23 : July 2014

In the early draft of the Bill on Societal Organizations being discussed in the Parliament inthe Bill excluded other types of organizations or associations regulated under separate laws. Responding to the situation, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave instructions to dissolve the groups engaged in violence and causing unrest in society.

Registration of a Foundation, where input ormass relevant government institution is needed: As mentioned previously, associations are still regulated under Staatsbladwhich was enacted in This article will not focus on other types of legal entities, such as labor unions, [25] cooperatives, [26] or political parties.


One or more Indonesian citizens may establish a societal organization. The refusal towards it not only comes from the civil society, but also from political parties who were engaged in the making of the law. Responding to the situation, Drsft Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave instruction to dissolve groups engaged in violence and causing unrest in society. Unlike the foundation, the association is a membership-based organization.

If you require more information, please kindly contact Joses Kuan at tel: The law has been heavily criticized for several stipulations, among others, weakening the corruption eradication and pork barrel stipulation, which have been problematic.

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The discussion of the Bill on Associations will surely otmas with the discussion of the Bill on Societal Organization since both Bills relate to membership-based organizations. The Ministry stated that it had changed its perspective and also admitted that the Law on Societal Organizations is no longer suitable for a democratic era.

Instead, the position has to be elected by all members of parliament. It is important for Indonesia to improve the legal framework.

There is a need to raise awareness of the Bill and its implications throughout the CSO sector in Indonesia. Standing in solidarity, they chanted against the Ormas Bill:. All ormaas this influencing the spirit and direction as shown by State Policy Guideline The enactment of a new Law on Associations is a crucial step toward strengthening the legal framework for associations. While the law and regulations governing foundations in Indonesia are comprehensive and up to date, the same is not the case for associations.

Inthe Constitutional Court released a decision stating that Article 21 and 47 of the Law on Plantations was unconstitutional.

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Government officials, parliamentary members, and some interest groups, such dract the Islamic Defenders Front FPI and the Betawi Brotherhood Forum FBRhave accused Greenpeace of being an illegal entity because it is not registered as a societal organization, as required by Law No.

Sign up for Updates:. The Special Committee in the Parliament currently has the opportunity to improve the legal framework. Extra-legal measures, such as kidnappings and tortures, were also used by the regime, targeting those who actively challenged the government. In Parliament, the Islamic political faction, known as Fraksi Persatuan Pembangunandefended the interests of these Islamic organizations during discussions on the Bill.


It is also impossible to make religion as Pancasila Article 2 requires that the single basic principle Asas Tunggal of Pancasila be upheld by societal organizations. It also stipulates that all organizations must be based on Pancasila ideology, the official philosophy of the Indonesian state fromwhich emphasizes belief in ormaw supreme God, humanitarianism, nationalism expressed in the unity of Indonesia, consultative democracy and social justice—all of which are open to interpretation.

In case input from a relevant government institution is needed, the review process can be extended up to a maximum of 37 days from the time of the application.

If enacted into law, activists say that the bill would grant government excessive authority to control civil society groups and would eventually destroy democratic processes. In practice, the honorarium amounts to approximately 3—5 million IDR. The Chief of the Special Committee, Mr.

Instead of vesting regulatory authority with the MoHA, it would be better to assign the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to handle the registration of foundations and associations. The government, based on Article 15, can dissolve organizations that violate this requirement. Subsequently, the Ministry started to discuss further implementing regulations for the Law. Closed-door meetings will also still be upheld by the House.

LRWD Edition 23 : July –

As mentioned previously, the Bill ormxs Association is already listed number in the National Legislation Program In analyzing the new Bill on Societal Organizations, this article will refer to the published draft Bill provided by the Parliament dated May 30, in the series of public hearings conducted in June In case the relevant institution does not respond, the Ministry is obligated to respond to the applicant within 30 days from the time the request for consideration is sent to the relevant institution.

The organization and the public will be informed of the suspension. In case there is no response from the government institution, no later than 30 days from the time the request is sent.

Article 28E, Section 3: