anyways, what are your thoughts on Drawing Room Deceptions by . I got all materials from Guy Hollingworth, & I got the Drawing Room. Guy Hollingworth – Drawing Room Deceptions – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or view presentation slides online. Written by Guy Hollingworth. Work of Guy Hollingworth. pages ( Hardcover), published by Mike Caveney’s Magic Words Illustrated with drawings by.

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It is great book and has sime wonder full routines. MrBiddle Loyal user Posts. One of point I would like to say is that I really regret not start magic a few years earlier so that I have a chance to get his FISM notes, as well as the rare and limited edition of Reformation instruction video. Watch this, watch, watch, watch, watch now, watch closely, watch this, you watching now?

Guy Hollingworth – Drawing Room Deceptions – Free Download PDF

In your opinion, is there any pros and cons with this book, anything useless or impractical, anything gold, Hollingworth is a genius. Aug 23, Moncle New user United Kingdom decetpions Posts.

For anyone interested in magic, in particular, card work this is a must-have. Aug 20, I have been told that it is pretty good but i have deveptions books in past times which were highly recommended and they have ended up as firewood, so i humbly ask for your honest opinion.


Dec 25, And I just purchased a copy! That said, the effort required is worth every minute. Yeah, Reformation is worth it. Show More Show Less. Its also fun to read how he got started in magic and how he considers himself more a hobbyist than a performer.

The first chapter which is several routines using a move he calls the Optical Alignment is really good. The table of contents of quite a few great books are listed.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. There is plenty of drawing wich make the understanding much more easy. Great book, but VERY difficult material. In my opinion Hollingworths triumph is worth the price of the book and videos alone.

Pay close attention to everything, as there are absolute gems that are somewhat hidden It has got some VERY hollingsorth material in it and is definitely not for the beginner. He emerged on the magic scene I am guessing in the early 90s and when he did he established a new standard for close up and parlor card magic.

All I’m saying is, I think it makes for a better rrawing if the author doesn’t carry an air of superiority with him even if the material is VERY advanced.

This book is amazing.

Very well written with humor and excellent move. Guy is definitely one of the best card magician in UK. Don’t miss this book For those of you familiar with the work of Hollingworth I don’t need to post a guyy, to those of you not familiar search him out online and take a look. Hmmm, no postings since but I just had to let everyone not in the know that the book has been republished and is still available.


deceeptions It’s not easy but the work worth it. Most is worth the effort necessary to perform it properly. For those of you familiar with the work of Hollingworth I don’t need to post a review, to those of you not familiar search him out online and take a look.

Drawing Room Deceptions by Hollingworth – Book

However, we are magicians and we are the one who perform magic that beginners not be able to do. Feb 4, Brilliant book, and soon to be out of print, so get one soon! Jemy Regular user Posts. If you feel that your magic videos that you used to watch do not give you that ‘magical’ feeling, Deceptiobs strongly advise you to get Guy’s material.