Earias vittella female (Photo: courtesy of Buck Richardson, Kuranda, Queensland ). The adult moths are off-white with a green or brown stripe along the middle of. Overview. Last modification: Basic information. EPPO code: EARIVI; Preferred name: Earias vittella; Authority: Fabricius. Other scientific names. An artificial diet was developed for mass rearing of the spotted bollworm Earias vittella (Fabricius) in environmentally controlled conditions (27±1°C, 65±5%.

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Agricultural insect pests of the tropics and their control. Economic threshold for bollworms control on arboreum cotton. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 21 3: Insect pest eraias in okra.

Kashyap and Verma compiled a list of natural enemies for the Indian subcontinent. Plant Protection Bulletin, 30 1: Scope of parasites in bollworm control.

Journal of Chemical Ecology, 14 3: Vitetlla of Entomological Research, 83 3: Krishnamoorthy A; Mani M, The influence of slow release PVC resin pheromone formulations on the mating behaviour and control of the cotton bollworm complex Lepidoptera: Cotton infestation generally starts with shoot boring in the young crop.


If cotton plants are not removed after the harvest, they sprout from the stump. European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

Tropical Pest Management, 29 4: Mudathir and Basedow, Pheromone trap to monitor adult spotted bollworm, Earias vittella F. Indian Journal of Entomology, 34 4: Reed commented that the results of studies carried out in research farms are often not comparable to the losses in farmers’ fields.

EPPO Global Database

Journal of Indian Society of Cotton Improvement, 3: Ahmad T; Ghulamullah, II Les chenilles de la capsule. Insect Pests of Cotton in India. Indian Journal of Entomology, 39 4: Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 16 2: When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information virtella the status. Kadam and Khaire observed that sticky secretions released by okra when bitten by larvae could act as traps, killing E. Need based application of pesticide on some bhendi varieties for control of the fruit borer Earias vittella F.

Earias vittella

Pheromone Use The components of the female sex pheromones of E. Management of spotted bollworms Earias spp.


Terminal shoots are bored initially, with attack moving to flower buds and fruit as they appear. Potassium uptake was negatively correlated with infestation.

Lower pest incidence was found in fields where stumps were removed after harvest Sawhney and Nadkarny, A review of biological control of insect pests and noxious weeds in Fiji Earias vittellaspiny bollworm: Occurrence of new egg parasitoid of Helicoverpa armigera Lepidoptera: Current Science, 47 Kumar and Urs b found a positive correlation between nitrogen uptake by the plants and infestation of okra by E.

Two new species of the genus Apanteles Foerster Hymenoptera: Studies on the varietal resistance of okra to jassid and shoot and fruit borer. Bulletin of Entomology New Delhi30 1: Removal of possible alternative host plants was recommended by Christidies and Harrison Continuing to use www.

Indian Journal of Entomology, 53 2: