EDI X12 856 PDF

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set () for use within the context of an. Page 1 ANSI X12 version EDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. ANSI X12 V Steel Specific Version. Ship Notice/Manifest. This document provides the standard format and established data contents of a ship notice/manifest transaction set (). An comprises a.

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This diagram is used to illustrate a typical shipment. Hierarchical ID Number Description: This starts the pallet level hierarchical loop for the first item of the fourth purchase order of the shipment. Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken ECTF Notes: Hierarchical Parent ID Number. This starts the item level hierarchical loop for the second item on the fourth purchase order of the shipment. This hierarchical level identifies data related to the original purchase order.

ANSI X12 EDI Document Types, Codes & Sets | eBridge Connections

The SCAC table is a certified list of four character codes associated with specific carriers. An Ship Notice message intended to simplify and speed up the process of receiving goods, detailed information about the cargo, transfer of information about the shipment and tracking delivery.

To identify the type and physical attributes of the pallet, and, gross weight, gross volume, and height of the load and the pallet. Code identifying type of equipment used for shipment. Transaction Set Control Number Description: Code indicating the type of pallet. Code identifying the country. This starts the pack level hierarchical loop for the second item of the fourth purchase order of the shipment.


Use of this segment to pass other data is discouraged. Number of Line Items Description: Data from this illustration is used as a basis for building the examples. To specify transportation instructions relating to shipment.

EDI 856 – Ship Notice/Manifest

Sum of values of the SN data element. To specify transportation details relating to the equipment used by the carrier. The esi of eaches per inner container. Number identifying a release against a Purchase Order previously placed by the parties involved in the transaction.

When using this segment it is recommended that they be restricted to free form text and that any other use for specific data which could be mapped, be discouraged.

Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken.

To identify a party by type of organization, name, and code. In addition, ASN has multitudes level of information and a great volume of data.

Packaging Form, Part 2: HL Hierarchical Level Pos: Code identifying an organizational entity, a physical location, property or an individual. Largest horizontal dimension of an object measured when the object is in the upright position.

Code indicating the format of a description.


Code indicating the relationship between entities. Shipment Method of Payment Description: To specify the physical qualities, packaging, weights, and dimensions relating to the item. This SCC format includes the designation of a specific package level which is associated with a discrete quantity.

Marks and Numbers Description: Reference Identification Qualifier Description: Code identifying purpose of transaction set. Number of Included Segments Description: This hierarchical level is used to identify the pack level for an item. Shipment Method of Payment. Entity Identifier Code Description: It is sometimes z12 called a shipping container license plate. The supplier must generate the Ship Notice, and transmit it to the client, immediately upon closing the truck.

To confirm edk receipt of a purchase order, supplier generates a Purchase Order Acknowledgement or X12 transaction set. A TD element should be included having a valid qualifier describing the method of eri.

This information is used for receiving and inventory control purposes.

A free-form description to clarify the related data elements and their content. When specifying a specific carrier it is further recommended that the Standard Carrier Alpha Code SCAC be used if one has been assigned to the carrier. Number of Units Shipped. Identifying number for a product or service.