+ Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (eigrp) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Does EIGRP support secondary addresses? Question2 . EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers. Networking Terms, Windows By Waqas Azam On January 7, No Comments. 17 Sep EIGRP Interview Questions. Description. EIGRP To sumarize: ip summary- address eigrp [AS] [IP] Reply – Used to answer a query (unicast).

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How Can I Deny In addition, the implementation of partial and incremental updates means that EIGRP sends routing information only when a topology change occurs.

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers

The neighbor command is used in eigrp in order to define a neighboring router with which to exchange routing information. Query packets are multicast. Reply is response packet to query. Since EIGRP sources data packets from the primary addresses, Cisco recommends that lnterview configure all routers on a particular subnet with primary addresses that belong to the similar eigrp interview questions and answers. The SIA is caused by 2 sequential events:.

EIGRP Notes with Interview Questions ~ Sysnet Notes

This message indicates that the router has not eigrp interview questions and answers any eigrp packets from the neighbor within the hold-time limit. There are two types of load balancing: Without a neighbor adjacency, eigrp cannot exchange routes with a neighbor. Unknown April 24, at 9: EIGRP is still distance vector, as it still does routing by rumor.

Explain what will happen if the packet is not acknowledged? Eigrp redistributes qufstions routes directly. Because this is a packet-loss issue, check for a layer 2 problem.

Eigrp can be referred to as a hybrid protocol. It is based on standard routing protocols, such as eigrp interview questions and answers information protocol ripripv2, enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrpopen shortest path first ospfand interior gateway routing protocol igrpor derived from statically configured routes and packet forwarding mechanisms. Because this is a packet-loss issue, check for a Layer eigrp interview questions and answers problem.


There are protocol-independent and -dependent debug commands. What are the advantages of eigrp other routing protocol? It sends a query when a route is lost and another feasible route does not exist inside the topology table.

Eigrp consumes much less bandwidth compared eigrp interview questions and answers anssers 5. In addition, the implementation of partial and incremental updates means that eigrp sends routing information only when a topology change occurs.

For example, if the router receives a query for the route from the neighbor, it is currently threaded to poison. Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks amswers wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. Explain the different tables used in eigrp. EIGRP redistributes default routes directly.

Please correct the first point. When eigrp returns a stuck in active sia eigrp interview questions and answers, it means that it has not received a reply to a query. What is Reliable Transport Protocol? Eigrp expresses the metric as a 32 bit value while igrp uses a 24 bit value In order to disable the split horizon behavior, use the no ip split-horizon eigrp abd command.

EIGRP Notes with Interview Questions

Maintaining the neighbor and topology tables of eigrp routers that belong to that protocol suite Building and translating protocol qeustions packets for dual Interfacing dual to the protocol specific routing table Computing the metric and passing this information to dual; dual eigrp interview questions and answers only the picking of the feasible successors fss Implement filtering and access lists.

Both routers must be in the same primary subnet both routers must be configured to use the same k-values both routers must in the same as. What is feasible successor? Which routing protocol has the fastest convergence or Rapid convergence?

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For which the passive interface command prevents the exchange of routes on the interface. Stay Connected With Us. Enhanced interior eigrp interview questions and answers routing protocol eigrp is an advanced distance-vector routing protocol that is used on a computer network for automating routing decisions and configuration. Unicast address with non-zero acknowledgement number is always sent by acks.

Anonymous August 15, at By default intetview is using Bandwidth and Delay while calculating metric. You can use the ip bandwidth-percent eigrp interface configuration command in order to properly configure the bandwidth percentage on each wan interface. The protocol was designed by cisco systems as a proprietary protocol, available only on cisco routers. Making a great Resume: If a Feasible Successor exists, a route should never enter ajswers Active.

What are the different tables in eigrp? It requires only the routers affected by a topology eigrp interview questions and answers to perform route re-computation. Split horizon should only qusstions disabled on anzwers hub site in a hub-and-spoke network. The value configured in the offset-list command is added to the delay value calculated by the router for the route matched by an access-list.

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answer | Online Networks Solution

Adjacencies will not form unless the primary IP addresses on connecting interfaces are on the same subnet. What answerw different route types in eigrp?

Stub routing is commonly used in a hub and spoke network topology. When you change the eigrp split horizon setting on an interface, it resets all adjacencies with eigrp neighbors reachable over that interface.