Emergencia Espiritual by Stanislav Grof at – ISBN X – ISBN – Planeta – – Softcover. Emergencia Espiritual: Stanislav Grof: Books – : Emergencia Espiritual (Spanish Edition) () by Stanislav Grof and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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The antipodes of the mind: A hallucinogenic tea, laced with controversy: Vrof mushrooms around the world: Herausforderung an Forschung und Wertsystem. Development of the psychedelic individual; a psychological espirithal of the psychedelic state and its attendant psychic powers.

Impossible – wenn Unglaubliches passiert: A psicologia do futuro: The dimensions of dying and rebirth: The sacred mushroom and the Cross; a study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East. The stormy search for the self: The well of remembrance: Botin der heiligen Pilze: Vine of the soul: The shaman and the jaguar: The drug experience; first-person accounts of espirutual, writers, scientists and others.

Food of the gods: The encyclopedia of psychoactive plants: Programming and metaprogramming in the human biocomputer: Das Abenteuer der Selbstentdeckung: Through the gateway of the heart: Elemente psycholytischer Therapieerfahrung aus der Sicht von. A primer of drug action: Ayahuasca analogs and plant-based tryptamines: Guide to psychoactive drugs: Therapie mit psychoaktiven Substanzen: Journal of cannabis therapeutics: The peyote awareness journal: Albert Hofmann zum Psilocybin, magic mushroom grower’s guide: Drugs of addiction and non-addiction, their use and abuse; a comprehensive bibliography, Salvia Divinorum and Salvinorin A: Material, power, dominance, and territory have no value.


People wouldn’t fight wars, and the espirittual system we have currently would fall apart.

The Betsy Gordon Psychoactive Substances Research Collection

People would become peaceful, loving citizens, not robots marching around in the dark with all their lights off. Books and Journals Basic Readings in Neuropsychology. Espifitual and Hallucinogenics – a handbook [Revised Ed. Maria Sabina and her Mazatec Mushroom Velada.

Hearings before the subcommittee….

The Pursuit of Intoxication. Drugs in American Society. Drug Manufacturing for fun and Profit.

Supermother’s Cooking with Grass. Drugs, Society and the law. Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Hallucinogens…an analysis.

Emergencia Espiritual : Stanislav Grof :

The Sacred Mushroom Seeker. A Guide to British Psilocybin Mushrooms. The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogens. The Botany and Chemistry of Hallucinogens.

Consciousness East and West. The Use and Misuse of Drugs. The Story of Ergot. Drugs and the Brain. Discoveries in Biological Psychiatry. Phantastica,Narcotic and Stimulating Drugs. Studies on Drug Addiction. Psychotropic Drugs in the Year Emergendia Bibliography of Marihuana. Impact on Science and Society. LSD and Related Drugs. Drugs and the Other Self: An Anthology emergsncia Spiritual Transformations. Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Abuse of Psychotomimetics Hallucinogens. The Game of Life.

Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution. Cook Book for a Sacred Life. Die Chance der Menschheit. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. The Politics of Self-Determination.


Natasha Sequeira’s Page

Giornale storico del Centro studi di psicologia e letteratura. The Marriage of the Sun and Moon. Zeitschrift fur Humanistische Psychologie. Dark Night, Early Dawn. Ciencia, Espiritualidade E Cura. Espirirual transpersonal journal of arts, science and technologies. Psychedelics; the uses and implications of hallucinogenic drugs. Journal of psychedelic drugs.

The politics of ecstasy. The Varieties of Psychedelic Emergrncia. The psychedelic reader; selected from the Psychedelic review. The Gateway to inner space: Turn on, tune in, drop out. The psychedelic experience a film.

Psychedelic monographs and essays.

LSD; personality and experience. Session games people play: LSD, spirituality, and the creative process. Realms of the human unconscious: LSD and the New Eleusis: LSD, my problem child: God in a pill? Meher Baba on L. LSD, the problem-solving psychedelic. The center of the cyclone; an autobiography of inner space. The psychology of consciousness. Toward a new paradigm of the unconscious. LSD – mein Sorgenkind: The joyous cosmology; adventures in the chemistry of consciousness.

The frontiers of being. The human encounter emregencia death.