Ensoniq DP4 Audio Effects Processor. There were four ESP DSP chips* designed into this unit, which means four distinct channels of processing. The Ensoniq DP4 is a unique multi-effects processor, capable of processing up to four stereo effects at once. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit. Find great deals for Ensoniq Dp4 Parallel Effects Processor Item. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The DP4 is a great mixing tool ensobiq effects, especially if you want multiple effects at once. Log in Become a member. Each processor was a parallel processor capable of about VLIW instructions per sample period. I actually have Space too but that’s cos I grabbed it cheap whilst on hols in the states and it was actually the reverbs from that which made me buy the eclipse.

It also doesn’t have the exact same functionality as the space although again it has a bucket load of reverbs and reverb combo effects. I found out about the DP4 originally through the early plastikman stuff.

User reviews: Ensoniq DP4 – Audiofanzine

I’m interested mainly into the modulation effects. Brought you two for the price by seeking a minimum. Routing trs pushed the possibility of used 1,2,3 or 4 channels.

Except for the Delays and the Vocal Remover, I designed all the algorithms for this unit, listed below: Smith of Aviom Inc. In terms of useful and not so useful effects well I guess it’s what you like. Once you get used to it, it’s very easy to dial in. Did you find this review helpful? There may be some differences, but I’m not aware of any major ones. It’s American, it sounds, it’s just incredibly effective.

All instruments work with DP4, the violins with 8 voices chorus, guitars with amp simulators, but the synths with the time, phaser etc I was about to open the same thread! Not sure about pitchfactor although it certainly has a bucketload of pitch effects, more complex than the pitchfactor. While the large number of reverbs and the large number of parameters to manage propose to find happiness if you do not seek super clean reverb, because here the sound is rather fat and a “dirty” choya finally I understand.


The delays, reverbs and modulation effects are great and the routing ability is superb, if not slightly confusing until you get used to it. While it sounds better than most plug-ins, many of the effects are easily beat with hardware effects.

All user reviews for the Ensoniq DP4

I sold mine to get an eventide eclipse and overall I’m pleased. Thanks for the replies! It’s a digital effects processor, so sometimes the effects can sound a bit ‘digital’ and stale, but most of the time I’m able to get a pretty warm sound out of this considering that it is digital.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. It is prfrable to have a good clean ct processor to cover all the uses I think.

I’m definitely more sold on one now. My favorite digi effect for sure. Especially we can choose absolutely any of paramtres Note that in addition to control change can we control the ehsoniq of the VLOC a keyboard, the note, aftertouch All possibility of chaining and routing is amazing, it must be out sick stuff if you want, noise level.

There’s really sounds egg out, if you like. Noise wasn’t too much a concern anyways, I just needed that last little push over the edge. ensonuq

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I prefer those of its reverbs SX for whom I had given notice there qq time. Nord Modular G2 http: It can be used as a standard processor and confined to an auxiliary table mix using presets, but it’s a shame, it’s enough to look for new sounds with the processor About 15, of these units were shipped since its introduction in Getting basic sounds is easy, but it takes a bit of use to understand using multiple effects at once to have complete control over the unit.


Without a doubt, this is a very complete tool. It isn’t as cutting edge as it was when it came out, but the DP4 is still a useful studio effect. Joe Bryan wrote the original Leslie rotating speaker simulator by physical modeling.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Flangers and other modulations are also a creamy creme brulee ramekin of compet ‘reverb tails are not static and not chemical masses but still a little but nonlinear reverbs can be daunting I guess in “design”. I missed it so much I ended up buying another one which is a non plus version. It’s got all sorts of different effects in this digital unit.

We can choose the depth of action in order reues noon: Hence the time we spent. I’ve really only scratched the surface with the DP4, but have used it enough to get a good idea of what it’s capable of doing and not doing. The distortion effects are actually pretty good for a digital unit.

I would totally own two of these things and will pick up ensoni plus some day. All in all one of my favorite effects units. For the reverberation of the voices you should use a Lexicon but it’s so much else that we forgive him not to be excellent everywhere. I later developed the distortion algorithms for it to get that Hammond B3 sound.