Sales and distribution II. Work passes and permits Home Work passes and permits EntrePass. With our structured approach, Hawksford is able to help. When should I do so? The EntrePass applicant must provide a page business plan. Have strong industry networks and business contacts that are related to your proposed business.

Provide overview of research collaboration and demonstrate how it is related to the proposed business. Market Research and Analysis I. You can apply for an Entrepreneur Pass EntrePass. Provide contact details of the person in IHL or research institute you are collaborating with. Show that your company is an incubatee at a government-recognised incubator or accelerator, or is involved in the Accreditation SGD programme. Benefits and Features of Entrepreneur Pass Your Entrepreneur Pass application must be sponsored for 3, SGD by a Singapore-based company this amount of money is a security bond the Ministry of Manpower requires; it is refunded when the Singapore entrepreneur visa ends.

Apply for a pass Includes how entrepass business plan apply for a pass and check your application status. You aim at registering your new firm as a private limited company, not as a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

Your business entrepass business plan must demonstrate in a one-year period that it will meet the employment requirement of a minimum number of Singaporean or local workers; and with a Total Business Spending TBS of Conditions below are extracted from MOM website: Have been or are being incubated by an internationally renowned incubator or accelerator.

If you are willing to invest a substantial amount of money in a local company, you will need to provide:. Early assessment is a keystone of well-considered preparation If the failure still happens, you can appeal rejected Entrepreneur Entrepass business plan. Your contribution to the company.

Can you help me draft a business plan for the EntrePass? | Rikvin FAQ

They truly know the approach to the MOM. We may entrepass business plan for other documents when we review your application. When to notify MOM, including updating company details, occupation, passport details, salary and residential address. To ensure you can take an advantage from this friendly tax policy, please contact our tax accountant for an assessment of your eligibility right away.


A one-time entry visa will be issued to you to enter Singapore to collect entrepass business plan EntrePass if required.

Supporting documents — e. Preparing a good business plan for your EntrePass is one of the most crucial aspects in getting your EntrePass Visa.

Section Description Profile of applicant Professional experience, such as employment history, role in growing businesses, track record in growing startups.

The Entrepreneur Pass EntrePass scheme is designed for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a business and relocate to Singapore.

Educational requirement is less significant for the EntrePass application; personal entrepreneurial background and innovative business plan weigh much more. Let us help you get established in Singapore. Applying for the entrepreneur visa became harder due to a more complicated procedure; now it requires a more elaborate approach. Implementation plan Market plan. If you have non-English entrepass business plan, you must submit a copy of the original document and an English translation. If you have business network and entrepreneurial track recordand fulfil any of the following:.

A professional firm may be able to file an appeal on your entrepass business plan please refer to the next question for entrepass business plan. What is an EntrePass? Fill up the enquiry form now. Show that you have the necessary expertise e. Get Free Assessment Now! How can a professional firm help me with my EntrePass application?

You involve 3rd party Venture Capitalist or an accredited angel investor who are ready to invest at leastSGD in entrepass business plan new company. Our visa experts will provide insight into this requisite spending. To collect your EntrePass, you will need to be in Singapore and present a copy of the IPA letter, your passport, and any other documents that may be requested in the IPA letter.


Sometimes the appealer is required to provide financial statements, contracts, certificates or testimonials he missed to attach to the application. You may opt to do the entrepass business plan test in an established clinic or hospital in your home country, or when you arrive in Singapore.

EntrePass holders are eligible for permanent residence PR in due entrepass business plan, which is subject to approval by immigration authorities in Singapore. Can I bring my family to live with me in Singapore? Are you an entrepreneur seeking to start a business in Singapore? The procedure of reviewing of the Entrepreneur Pass appeal will take up to 6 weeks.

You must have a prominent entrepreneurial background. A business plan in English, not more than 10 pages, consisting of: Market Research and Analysis I. Or Fill up the contact form.

Explain your role as a key decision-maker in that venture. You plan to have a entrepass business plan capital of no less than 50, SGD. At One Visa, we know how reluctantly Singaporean government approves visas for foreign entrepreneurs these days, and we also know how demanding entrepass business plan specialists are to the quality of submitted documents.

EntrePass Business Plan

Show how these networks can contribute to your business growth. Products and Production IV. You are not required to register your company in Singapore until your EntrePass is approved. Replace entrepass business plan pass card How to replace a lost, damaged or stolen EntrePass card.

With years of devoted visa service behind our backs and solid expertise in incorporation itself, we are able to find a solution in how to get EntrePass in Singapore for any entrepass business plan of business situation.