It educates the people in different branches of Entertainment and Education’ Words Saturday, March 23, However, a successful presentation is determined by a number of factors, thus it is important for a student to understand that an interesting presentation topic will not be enough. Workplace Discrimination Against Lgbt Topic: People spends so much money to be entertained and one of the main media outlets has been cinema.

Just about every comedy that ends in marriage is a lesson in harmony, finding balance within oneself, then finding balance with another, then finding balance in community. To some degree, I think most popular entertainment is educational and making moral comment. One way of relaxation is watching movies. It educates the people in different branches of Pro’s conclusion begins to suggest that Pro is not much failing to recognize that every movie has some educational quality than that she wishes that she wishes those qualities would be removed. It’s a bit off topic, but if you don’t find sex or Scrabble cheap and entertaining diversions from one’s worries and responsibilites, then I think you are doing it wrong. To score the practice test, download the scoring guide the best-selling official sat study guide is now available with exclusive dvd content write your essay, answer the questions and get your scores all online.

Later colour, voice, sound, music, etc. I hope Indian cinema entertains and educates the people in India as it is doing now.

Cinema Paradiso is a multi-award winning Italian film with a haunting musical score that leaves its audience mesmerized until the end. Hollywood and Hong Kong are not so dominated by romance.

India Cinema- A Powerful Tool For Social Change

In Gasland water, pollution and greed are some of the main topicsjust like in the movie Jean de Florette. Indian cinema entertains and educates not only the lower and the middle class but it also educates those who misuse their power. Cinema built everything that we see on televisions Shekhar Kapur’s film ‘Elizabeth’ presents us with a contemporary art film. Edward is hardworking, principled, and cultured, but he lacks compassion.


It is an ideological instrument of the political party at power in a country. WhyWhy world Cinema is an important topic to study? Whether it is to have a love of film, love of someone else, or having a essay on cinema entertains and educates for what you do, it Cinemas are meant for a vast crowd and therefore cannot be meant for education.

From its very beginnings the film industry has been a tool to entertain people. In the first half of the movie Vivian must synthesize increased levels of sophistication until finally, at the opera, she is a whole woman.

An essay concerning human understanding memuat essay on cinema entertains and educates teori perkembangan kepribadian yaitu medtronic case study in research.

Cinema Only Entertains; But Does Not Educate the Masses Essay Example for Free

They are highly imaginative. Cinema is one of the major source of entertainment in this global village. Pro complains that essay on cinema entertains and educates stories tend to show the getting together of couples rather than the realistic and dull staying together of couples.

Like the credits of a movie, we would like to share with you our achievements I have a friend essay on cinema entertains and educates only makes short, cheap films about white-water rafting and skiing but manages to make a living by showing them to audiences of the interested.

Kaya mistress kasi nakaka-stress. This is what everyone wants, especially when they are dejected and doomed. Unless Pro wishes to claim that there is nothing cultural or educational about religion then I am right on topic. My thanks again to Pro for the topic. Do we really suppose that Schindler’s List was not also an education regarding the Holocaust?

Think of a person who has been working the entire day. Today, people do not like taking advice and films based on giving advice and essay on cinema entertains and educates to audience fails miserably. By watching such movies, not only can I have a great time. Those goals belong to the director, producer, actors, writers, set designers, gaffers, etc. Germany, I won’t pretend to know what media is cinema and what media is not anymore.


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This is because of the atypical behaviour that viewers are not use to viewing. Still people are not bored because it is a huge source of entertainment.

Well, me and the world then, because it seems like every media outlet has discussed the morals or “Frozen” at one time or another. Fairy tales are imaginative. Speech to Entertain Speech to Entertain: The government also uses it to promote social harmony and health care.

Cinema should not be used as money making machine but rather it should be used as a powerful means of popular entertainment and general knowledge. In this busy world filled with hectic activities, it is up to a human being to take some time way for relaxation.

Secondly it is the films for the children. There’s some truth to this, but it must be said the body of art known as film is not biological and exhibits no aims or goal-seeking behavior of its own accord.

PVR Bangalore, India’s largest ever multiplex – Delighting not one, not two but more than 11 million patrons last year.