Small or untidy handwriting, or a combination of both, can be very annoying as the reader has to spend valuable time deciphering what you have written. For example, a student who is involved in netball game can use the knowledge and skills as a netball trainer later in her life. We must avoid the habit of throwing rubbish indiscriminately. Write a letter to brief him about the current situation. The food and drinks are not covered. These bad conditions are harmful as they might get food poisoning and other health problems.

According to the news, students made up nearly 30 per cent of the 1 suspected cases over the first three weeks of the year. The repair and renovations took almost a week to complete. One positive point is that videogames are a method of entertainment, but there is some people that plays all the day and this are not a entertainment it turns into a bad habit to the person. Best Friends Essay oyulaw sample essay spm about friendship. His wife was the most beautiful lady in Kelantan and all his children were brilliant and intelligent in studies.

Cuz the professionals guarantee the quality of written works. Use the points given below: Tears welled up in E. Some teenagers are deprived of parental love and attention at home.

This has prompted the health ministry to increase checks on aedes breeding grounds in school and example writing essay spm areas. This had immediate effect of cutting down bureaucratic ineptitude and operational cost while at the same time generating more revenue.

Register Lost your password? These steps may take time to be accepted and practised, but in the example writing essay spm the result will be positive and the good intention of preserving wildlife can be achieved. Counsellors in school are helpful but you can always talk to your family first.


I felt satisfied and contented. Life was blessed when Pn. To sum up, I believe that video games can example writing essay spm useful and enjoyable for us if we use them in a normal way, because It’s a fun way of doing exercises, mostly when you can’t go and play outside, but playing sports outside is better for our health.

Continuous essay spm

I want to surprise him on his birthday. With the help of his neighbours, En. With their lackadaisical attitude, the food they sell would one way or the other become contaminated. Every individual has to remember example writing essay spm we do not own the world, but instead we lent it from our future generations.

He inherited much wealth from his late father … His wealth and achievements had isolated him from other villagers whom to him were ignorant, poor and failures in life.

Some of them think that smoking symbolizes maturity or high social status. Apart from that, our library is filled with old and torn books, which are not suitable for the students.

A good command in of English will also help you greatly in your example writing essay spm.


What was more disappointing were the defective fans and air-conditioners. Mat drove very fast so that they could reach Kampong Banggol at once. Using the information given below write a letter to your mother asking for some money. You will be better off using the chronological order. In Malaysia, strict laws must be imposed to penalise those example writing essay spm practise open burning. Simple Plot The story revolves around En. They require students to use their stamina and thinking, and therefore are good for the growth and maintenance of example writing essay spm.


Mahathir is the son of a teacher. Co-curricular activities today are important and should be participated by all healthy and able students. The victims were reported safe from any bad injury. Online community services are sometimes considered as a social network service. Give reasons for the extinction. I do not feel comfortable looking at those poor people. He claimed that the restaurant does not serve such a drink. Contractors at the construction sites have been instructed to take appropriate actions and warned to clean up.

This, naturally, increases your earning example writing essay spm and you have better chances of a more comfortable life.

Uncollected Rubbish and Clogged Drains. They also see and have a sense of purpose in what they want to do. Another example of contributor to the air pollution is the manufacturing factories.

They were probably afraid of my Rottweiler. Some of us have asked the example writing essay spm in charge to buy new books but he said the library has financial problems.

Mariam was shocked to hear that! There were also rescue workers, police and ambulance at the place.