Prepare your Affidavit of Support USCIS form online. Our Affidavit of Support Form Package includes all the forms you need to send to the USCIS for processing. You have to fill I, Affidavit of support form, if you need to show that you can financially support your relatives (or anyone else) visiting the U.S. You do not. SAMPLE. SAMPLE – Page 2. SAMPLE. Page 3. SAMPLE. Page 4. SAMPLE. IMMIHELP.

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As someone applying for a U. Who Qualifies to Sign The Affidavit? You have to fill I, Affidavit of support form, if you form 1-134 affidavit of support to show that you can financially support your relatives or anyone else visiting the U. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

I appoint him as my immigration lawyer and that way he solved my cases was truly amazing. I will recommend the law firm every time. Bottom line, preparation for the results and NO BS!

Click here to download the form. But otherwise, it is not clear od exactly will happen. Also attach a copy of the document that shows the immigration status of the person signing the Form I Whenever someone applies for a visitor’s visa, the primary issue is always whether that person will return to his native country. If form 1-134 affidavit of support sponsor is in the United States, the affidavit may be sworn to or affirmed before an immigration officer see any USCIS District or sub-office or before a notary public or other official authorized form 1-134 affidavit of support administer oaths for general purposes.

Form I is filled out by U. Also, in theory, if the person being sponsored form 1-134 affidavit of support government assistance, the government agency can sue the sponsor for reimbursement. It was all well done and would like to appreciate. In that case also, you can still put joint income. They help prepare the paperwork with such a great attention to details and accuracy. No, technically speaking, the I is not a requirement for someone to qualify for a visitor’s visa.


Form I Affidavit Of Support Instructions: Free Download

One of the biggest hurdles that applicants for visitor visas category B-1 to the U. However, an equally important consideration for the consular officers to consider is whether the person will come here and be a public charge-in other words, a financial burden to the US government. Form 1-134 affidavit of support couples submitting joint support documentation showing BOTH names may complete one form. Register Now Testimonials Success Stories. A letter from a bank stating when the account was opened, how much was form 1-134 affidavit of support over the past year, and the current balance.

I Affidavit of Support for Visitor’s Visa | Lee & Garasia, LLC

Do not print on 2 pages. The Government Instructions for Form I is available affisavit The Affidavit will not be accepted automatically as proof that the immigrant form 1-134 affidavit of support not become a public charge, but it will be given far less scrutiny than in the case of a longer-term immigrant or intending permanent resident. Get a Free Visa Assessment. Lee and Garasia as an immigration attorney because they did a great job with my case i.

I have read the disclaimer. Thank you lee and garasia. He is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Their staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and polite.

Get the uscis form i 134 2016-2018

So be sure not to exaggerate on Form I One important thing to realize is that the Form I is an easier version of the I Affidavit of Support that the U. Start Your Case Evaluation Bold labels are required. I Affidavit of Support.


How To Obtain U. Lee did a great job with the renewal of my permanent residence application. Not affiliated with any government agency. This can sometimes cause confusion because there are actually two different types of affidavits of support: No mortgage documents form 1-134 affidavit of support. The person signing the form needs to be either pf U. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state.

However, for a short-term visa, the consulate may not actually require all these documents. For lawfully admitted non-immigrants, this would presumably apply to those who are legally here for an extended period of time, such as those who hold H-1B or L-1 status.

Share aftidavit Google Plus. Please enter a valid phone number. What are you form 1-134 affidavit of support for?

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This form no longer needs affidavig be notarized by a U. If you have signed any documents in the hospital stating that you will be responsible for the payments on behalf of the visitor, the hospital will definitely hold you liable to pay.

If the wife is working, and wants to invite her parents, it is better that she is the sponsor and not her husband A parental relationship is closer than an in-law one. You do not have to get it notarized anymore. Immigrant Visa For Family Members?