Banjo Number One. Another view of my first banjo in process. Note the sections and joints making up the ring. Based on notes and drawings from Fox Fire Books . Foxfire continues to be a fresh, exciting experience for all of us because of the basic generosity and good will that run strong and deep within most people. This project was to build my own 5 string banjo on as low a budget as of the Fox Fire books and they have a wonderful section on making your own banjo.

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Same effect as the smaller hole above, I believe, a sort of internal resonator. My first was built inbefore we had a computer. We seem to have a lot in common, but you’re way out of my league musically.

Gotta run quick, if this didnt answer the question try again I’ve been doing bxnjo in a straight line on scroll pegheads, and that looks so much better. I just ordered Foxfire 3 at Amazon. I was inspired by the Foxfire books as well. If you want to get your children out and busy with their hands these books are a good stimulus!

Before buying I made sure they were perfectly flat and flush on the short sides when pressed together. In case anyone is not banj with it, my website has info and free plan for the Proffitt-style mountain banjo here: It has steel strings, and it can handle them because it is fitted with a beefy titanium rod in the neck.


Originally posted by banoj penttinen if somebody makes a banjo that looks like the one jim d posted and wants to sell it to a good home, im just an email away. It has a teeny bit more treble sound. One big plus- you can play them foxfir your underwear and you dont have to worry about hooks gouging you. Find a Teacher Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online banjo teacher.

STH – spare groundhog hide head. Is it Foxfire 3? And I’ve played another Hicks made of cherry. I crafted this banjo out of locally cut Ozark walnut and cherry woods. I also entertained the idea of doing it completely out of poplar from Home Depot. I’ll check vanjo out on Amazon. I also like the look of your low slung tail piece. Yeah, that’s my “dulcimore” he’s holding.

But for most people that’s going to be either expensive or hard to find, except in oak which should be easy to find. I should like post 22, to be some sort of Significant Message.

Mountain Banjo Build Please note this is an archived topicso it is locked and unable to be replied to. I’ll try to post pictures sometime but it will be bamjo.

It was a number of years before my wife got me to use it. Currently building one just like my main player, and another, with a simpler purpleheart stripe in the neck.

voxfire I would love to make a banjo some day Sadly in a way, I would say that the most of the contributors have pasted on now and just think of the additional knowledge that has been lost and not recorded. The plan is presented as a PDF file and has been drawn as a full size print.


For Sale: Foxfire 3 Hicks, Proffitt, style **Update** (expired)

Glued and clamped them together face to face. The amazing Mountain Banjo Please note this is an archived topicso it is locked and unable to be replied to. MB, pretty much all the ones I have seen and consequently, the ones I make are right about 2 inches thick overall.

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo by Ned Luberecki’ 1 hr. No need for neck reenforcement on the low tuned nylon strung mountain banjo. I put on the guitar tuners off my old Goodtime, and I am amazed at how great this thing sounds and how easy it plays! It was a good thing to do.

Foxfire 3 Hicks, Proffitt, style **Update** – Used Banjo For Sale at

Man, it’s just incredible what he can do with one of these. I’ll figure out if I’m going to glue up the neck or find a nice perfectly flat 3″ x 3″ x 3′ piece of walnut. Do I need a store bought plan or free one you have built please? Small, light weight, sturdy, and peaceful enough for hotel neighbors. I liked all three, but would rank them as 1. The front and back are as mentioned above, with tabs that fasten to the heel of the neck.