Karl Marx. A Life. Francis Wheen (Author). Sign up for the monthly New of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but. W.W. Norton • • pages • $ This book is described by the author as “an attempt to rediscover Karl Marx the man a Prussian. In this stunning book, the first comprehensive biography of Marx since the end of the Cold War, Francis Wheen gives us not a socialist ogre but a fascinating.

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Wheen was opposed to the Falklands War. Nov 21, Manuel Cartes rated it it was amazing.

He was a human who did make some bad choices like maybe cheating on Jenny Marx and I think glossing over that nuance in fear of attacking the subject makes the book less than what it could be. While detailing all his travels, his frequent quarrels, and his numerous children, I came away disappointed with this book, which never addressed the question I was seeking an answer for: His life was a paradox. Urquhart on the eastern question contained much that was interesting, despite quirks and quiddities.

But this book did! No one told the snowpack on the trail that it needed to have melted so that we could walk on the trail. No eBook available W. It was early spring and the sun was shining, so we hoped to take the day and make the most of it.

Your request has been submitted. The style is humorist and serious at the same time, with a keen eye on the various misdeeds various politically-enclined historians twisted or wrongly presented Marx history and work, which is always nice to see. Wheen was born into an army family [1] and educated at two independent schools: The book is not uncritical of Aheen, but Wheen decidedly takes his side in the battle of the International, designating Bakunin as an occultist conspirator.


Rather, it is to reveal his true nature as an individual who was genuinely human-“that most formidable of all composite forces, a dreamer who thinks, and a thinker who dreams. The Institute of Marxism-Leninism in Moscow omitted them from its otherwise exhaustive Lide Works, presumably because the Soviet editors could not llife themselves to admit that the presiding spirit of the Russian revolution had in fact been a fervent Russophobe.

Apr 07, Dick rated it really liked it. Unlike the legion of biographers who have dealt primarily with Marxist economic theory, it is Wheen’s goal to avoid another lengthy volume on class struggle, dialectical materialism and the triumph of the proletariat.

Andrew Stroehlein Czechs and Germans. Retrieved from ” https: Sep 26, Benjamin Plaggenborg rated it really liked it. Never would you have guessed, lifr reading the customary word biographies of sociology textbooks, what an extraordinarily rowdy, diseased, hectic, painful, poverty-stricken life the man led.

Peter the Great is indeed the inventor of modern Russian policy, but he became so only by divesting the old Muscovite method of its merely local character and its accidental admixtures, by distilling it into an abstract formula, by generalising its purpose, and exalting its object from the overthrow of certain given limits of power to the aspiration of unlimited power.

Francis Wheen

For most of the twentieth century they remained out of print and largely forgotten. We had very much neglected this aspect, and one ought to know with whom one is dealing. What lacks for me is a deeper engagement with the philosophy and economics of Marx. And yet, damn it, the man franciz a genius.

Karl Marx | W. W. Norton & Company

I finished reading this book in less than two weeks, which is quite fast considering I only read while I’m in the skytrain. Wheen’s approach certainly brings us closer to Marx the man whedn the previous body of work permits. Retrieved 4 June At one point I had at least a couple hundred dollars worth of books in my hand hardbacks at bookstore prices. Sam Vaknin Post-Communist Disappointment. Open Preview See a Problem? Mel Huang Baltic Layover.


Written by an author of great repute. There was an error processing your purchase. Marx once proclaimed, famously, that he was not a Marxist.

Sep 13, Henry Louis rated it it was ok Shelves: Not to mention to Martin Rowson’s remarkable cartoon book, Scenes from the Lives of the Great Socialistsin which the pun-laden escapades of Marx and Engels will be seen to have more relation to reality than previously supposed.

Mrs Thatcher apparently agrees with this view, so she went to war over a small, ignoble cause. Overall, though, if you only know those broad strokes then the Wheen biography is a good entry point for learning about the life of Marx. The end of the century is a good moment to strip away the mythology and try to rediscover Marx the man. He and Frederick Engels were a pair.

Karl Marx: A Life

Jun 12, Lolita Lark rated it really liked it. A Life from Amazon. Both the way Wheen treats his subject and his writing style make this a very interesting and enjoyable book, whether the reader is interested in Marxism or not.

Wheen maintains that it was motivated by her wish to sell arms to the Saudis.