10CAG/10CHG/10CGGHz CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM INSTRUCTION MANUAL Technical updates and additional programming examples. Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 10CG GHz User Manual. Futaba 10CHG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba 10CHG Instruction Manual.

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Futaba Service Center N. Continuous beep until transmitter is powered off.

Operating instructions FUTABA 10CHG |

Enter text from picture: For consistency, the switch position’s designation remains the same upper left is F, etcbut the functions are moved to match the switch type. Switches for which warnings will be issued at power-up are listed below: The blue RF light also goes out.

If there is an objectionable buzzing sound coming from a servo, there is probably too much resistance in the control. Pulse width control, 1. Not needed for fuel injection engines, which do this automatically.

Futaba 10CHG Manuals

Although your 10CG protects the model memories with non-volatile EEPROM memory which does not require periodic replacement and not mamual battery, the transmitter still should have regular checkups for wear and tear.


Turn on transmitter then receiver; adjust all linkages so surfaces are nearly centered.

Our support teams mabual available Monday through Friday Central time to assist you. Futaba’s dual antenna diversity then seamlessly selects the best signal reception between these antennas to ensure that there is no loss of signal. Your 10CG contains four separate linear programmable mixes.

FUTABA 10CAG Instruction Manual

Adjusting the length of the non-slip control sticks You may change the length of the control sticks to make your transmitter more Stick tip A Locking piece B comfortable to hold and operate. Rename it it is currently named exactly the same as the model copied: Using a 5-channel receiver: Also make sure the controls do not require excess force to operate.

Flap Trim Where next? Turn on the transmitter power and allow your transmitter to reach its home screen. Open an unused programmable mix.

Got it, continue to print. Upon completion, it cannot be recovered. Turn DIAL clockwise or counterclockwise to scroll through choices within an option of a function. Auxiliary channel function including channel controls AUX-CH controls and the receiver fugaba for channels During this mode, the RF power is reduced so the range test can be performed.


This product may be used for model airplane or surface boat, car, robot use. See Twin elevator futzba.

Receiver Ni-Cd battery You should fully discharge your system’s NiCd batteries periodically to prevent a condition called “memory”. The various functions in the T10CG can be selected by switch. A single long beep.

Futaba 10CAG Instruction Manual

Page servo reverse. A gyroscope is an electronic unit that senses motion and corrects for it. This enables you to ensure that incorporates a system that reduces its power output and allows you to perform such a range check.

The tension increases when the adjusting screw is turned clockwise. The 10CG may be master or student with any Futaba transmitter compatible with the cord.

Every aircraft snaps differently due to its C. Additional Futaba extension cords of varying lengths are available futana your hobby dealer. Using Twin Aileron Servos: