In a way, a wave of positivity which emanated from India spread all over the world. How could we build an India of the dreams of our freedom fighters? Many Vidushis of India have contributed in composing the verses of the Vedas. The human chain that commenced formation from Gandhi Maidan in Patna gained momentum, touching the state borders. Ram Manohar Lal ji had talked of creating a mass awakening on an extensive scale about the necessary measures to ensure a better income for our farmers and provide better irrigation facilities and to increase food and milk production.

And not just yourself- your city, village, neighbourhood, school, college, men, women, everyone should make an attempt to connect with yog. He feels that our youth are physically weak, compared to those of other Asian countries. You can also make cashless payment for this. My dear countrymen, April 14 is the birth anniversary of Dr. The need of the hour is to revive the mother-son relationship. Rabindra Nath was a personality full of talent, a multi — directional personna but a teacher in his inner self can always be felt. In our country, respect for women, their status in society and their contribution has proved to be awe inspiring to the entire world, since ancient times.

For 70 years, the lives of the denizens of three villages of the Elephanta Island, Rajbunder, Morbandar and Centabandar, were engulfed by darkness, which has got dispelled now and there is brightness in their lives.

Despite such inclement weather there are some extraordinarily aware people who deliver results that are exemplary and inspiring for all ganesh utsav essay in marathi us.

Felicitations to all of you on the occasion of these festivals. Only we know of the situation we faced at that time. We remember him and bow before him on his Mahaparinirvan Diwas on 6 th ganesh utsav essay in marathi December.

It is but natural to remember Dr.

Today, through sheer hard work and a firm resolve, a thirty bedded hospital has finally come up at Punri Village near Kolkata. Today women are not just advancing in ganesh utsav essay in marathi fields; they are leaders. You must have heard the name of Arvind Gupta ji. The first necessity for a healthy life is cleanliness. We know that in our part of the world, and probably all around the world around the ending of the year we take a stock, contemplate, and draw plans for the next year.


Every Indian feels proud while remembering him. In a way, the complete food chain is connected to soil. In the present medical colleges, MBBS seats have been increased to about 68 thousand. My dear countrymen, 26th January is a historic festival for all of us. Was there a scope of direct visibility when the information was given? Our farmers across the country have got more than ganesh utsav essay in marathi crore soil health cards made so that they may understand their soil better and accordingly sow the crop.

In squash, boxing, weightlifting and shooting — the performance of women turned out to be par excellence.

These questions were but natural. And all this at no added cost. And now, December is knocking on our doors, yet winter is advancing at a leisurely pace.

My young friends, the ganesh utsav essay in marathi of the hour is that we build up a mass movement for making a magnificent- glorious 21st century India; a mass movement of development, a mass movement to build a capable and strong India.

As a result of this, our roads have improved a lot and business there will surely get a boost.

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Take the examples of Khadi and handloom. He actually extricated ganesh utsav essay in marathi from the sting of terrorism and hatred and topped in the Kashmir Administrative Examination. In the Rabi season ofwheat production per acre increased three to four times and their income also increased by four to six thousand rupees per acre.

And, whoever reads that debate will feel proud about what actually the vision of a life dedicated to the nation is. My dear countrymen, we often hear that in, times to come, the world will face a war because of water. Our forefathers have lived this as a way of life for centuries together. Matunga station in Mumbai is the ganesh utsav essay in marathi station in India which is run by an all woman staff. This means that a man full of enthusiasm is very strong since there is nothing more powerful than zest.

A large number of these ideas are regarding improvements in the functioning of our government. My Dear countrymen, this is the season of festivals, by the way our country is a country ganesh utsav essay in marathi festivals. I have instructed the concerned department to convey to you efforts being made in this direction. The 1st of January,i. My dear countrymen, Shriman Prakash Tripathi has written a rather long letter on the Narendra Modi App, urging me to touch upon the subjects he has referred to.


Prophet Mohammad Sahib peace be upon him believed in twin principles of knowledge and compassion.

He would wake up at 5 in the morning, visit households one by one, awaken them and used gesticulations to wean them away from Open defecation. I am very sure that using blue and green dustbins to collect dry and wet garbage respectively must have become your habit by now. This mammoth effort of bringing about cleanliness is a wonderful example of fostering aesthetics, co-operation and continuum.

As Ganesh utsav essay in marathi Peacekeepers, they are bringing glory to the nation in the comity of nations.

Lord Buddha was the fountainhead of egalitarianism, peace, harmony and brotherhood. Subhasini Mistri is a woman who, in order to construct a hospital, cleaned utensils in the homes of others and also sold vegetables.

I extend felicitations on behalf of the entire nation to the entire team and support staff. Efforts are on to connect local village mandis to wholesale market and then on with the global market. During this survey, the matters to be surveyed include freedom from defecation in the open in cities, collection of garbage, transport facilities to lift garbage, processing of garbage using scientific methods, efforts to usher in behavioural changes, innovative steps taken for capacity building to maintain cleanliness and public participation in this campaign.

My name is Jyoti Rajendra Waade. Yoga will be helpful ganesh utsav essay in marathi especially our young friends, in maintaining a ganesh utsav essay in marathi lifestyle and protecting them from lifestyle disorders.

Just think Two-hundred-days of continuous labour!