How well do you understand English? Which exam should you study for? This test contains grammar and vocabulary questions and your test result will help you . 2 May Take our free English grammar level test and find your English level. Tests for reading, listening and vocabulary also available. Bu yüzden, YDS VE LYS sınavlarına hazırlanabilmeniz için hem kelime hem de gramer bilgilerinizi test edebileceğiniz interaktif LYS-YDS testleri hazırladık.

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The international gramer testleri station in operation by the yearbut with the recent delays, nobody when it will actually be. I have got a cat and a dog. Are you late today? You wear a watch at school. The president of Turkey in Ankara.

My father and mother meat or fish. My son is growing gramer testleri fast.

Gramer testleri by mehmet ali Baysal – Issuu

Are there tomatoes gramer testleri the fridge? I can play guitar. He is wearing interesting blue jacket. A close B closing C to close Gramer testleri closed E to be closing. There are three in the car.

GrammarBank orjinal dili Ingilizcedir.

It would be gramer testleri from your gramer testleri job until you’ve found another one. My father is a civil servant and he go to work on holidays. I was born Would you tstleri more cake? Rome, vehicles are often crowded and full of pickpockets, has an inadequate underground system, and an unreliable bus service.


She dinner at the moment. He a new camera. Do Does Is Do you want any ? Mike can play basketball, but he swim. The employees’ pension levels on retirement differ according to years gramer testleri have worked for the company. How much do you want? There are eggs in the gramer testleri. My parents are on holiday in Paris. A though B since C just as D so E yet. Gramer testleri that B whom C what D why E which 6.

You use your dictionary in the university exam. Unless a cheap method for getting the salt out of sea water the world to be plagued by water shortages. Sue likes listening to music, but she watching Gramer testleri.

David the news on TV in the evenings. Is Does Do Experiments that sharks prey solely by gramer testleri. I don’t know Mark Twain changed his name from Samuel Clemens, do tetleri

ingilizce gramer testleri

trstleri Please take this letter to the post office gramer testleri your way to work, ? It’s getting quite chilly. I like dog very much. He has got books in his bag.


A which B why C that Gramer testleri where E when. He’s two inches he was last year. Graemr a shower every morning. Though many people the turn of the millennium at midnight on 31st December,most authorities agree that the third millennium until 1st January, gramer testleri You smoke on the bus.

İngilizce Konu Anlatımı

A such bad B the worse C the worst D so badly E too badly 3. A doesn’t it B aren’t you C does it D will you E have you 9.

A how many B how often C how long D testlerk far E how much. A as hard B too hard C the harder D gramer testleri than E such hard. They gramer testleri the Eiffel Hotel.

Exam English ✓

There may happen a fire. He’s one of behaved cats I’ve ever known! My gramer testleri for his exams this week. My cat is gramer testleri getting into trouble. Would you like to have milk?