PDF | Grasscutter farming technology was introduced in Africa as an antidote to reduce hunting Ghana where farmers had opportunities to be trained. Ghana’s main sources of animal protein are fish, livestock and bush meat. Grasscutter production in Ghana was started by Asibey and also the Game and. Grasscutter farming is great if you have a space as small as a room, parking store or kitchen. They are very little trouble; they can get most or all.

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As at the time of doing this study, there were grasscutter farmers approximately Farmers, traders and civil servants constituted the occupational status of respondents Table 4.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Like the squirrels, it has quite entertaining antics. Although some farmers are given training, they do not go into production. Many of the adopters of grasscutter farming were married compared to single individuals grassctter divorcees.

Labour is said to be partly responsible for non-adoption, probably, due to the financial commitment involved. Educational status of respondents. Most of the respondents were basic school leavers, followed by secondary, tertiary and illiterate in that order. According to Pantanalilabour intensive technologies are unlikely to be adopted. NGOs support farmers with training to acquire knowledge and skills in grasscutter rearing.

The NGOs support farmers by assisting them with training and start-up breeding stock at subsidized prices. Trained extension workers monitored the performance of the animals.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Although the initial capital outlay is low compared to the traditional livestock enterprises, a sizeable amount of money is needed for ghna construction of cages and purchasing of start-up breeding stock. The market for both fresh and smoked grasscutter meat is unlimited Kabir The demand for grasscutter meat in Ghana is high with its accompanying price hikes. Falconer J Non-timber forest products in southern Ghana: He said the grass-cutter meat had high nutritional value with high patronage if it was properly processed for sale and therefore urged the farmers to expand their farms to increase production for the Ghanaian market.

Box grssscutter, Mampong-Ashanti, Ghana sayannor yahoo. Share with your friends! The main requirements are getting the right food and shelter for the grasscutters and you will be good to go. The total number of male farmers who adopted grasscutter rearing was three grazscutter more than gbana number of female farmers. They presented an evidence to suggest that there are two externality effects: The farmers were taken through topics like reproduction and reproductive management, nutrition and feeding, handling techniques, construction of cage, mating techniques and health management.

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Unlike some bushmeat which may not be killed or touched because of religious dictates, traditional taboos or prejudices Vosthe grasscutter meat transcends religious prohibitions and even Muslims who do not consume rabbit or guinea pig are known to consume grasscutter Adoun The duration for productoon course is 5 days, where Top Notch Resource Persons handle various aspects of the training sessions.

On the other hand, grasscutter farming offers a better option of the two.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana ▷

For the population that still prefers the old-school ways of making purchases, farm houses are still available to cater for that option. This probably means that majority of the people who went porduction the grasscutter training programmes were within the youth age group.

Two sampling techniques, viz. It feeds mainly on green matter so how to rear a grasscutter should never worry a beginner.

Acquis et perspectives, Cotonou, Benin, pp. There was a significant negative correlation The prospect of grasscutter rearing is very bright either as a full-time job or part-time due to its high demand. The result of their work indicated that male household heads were potential adopters of exotic poultry breed than female farmers. To make your productioon easy and quickly learn what rearing grasscutters entail, be sure to find an appropriate grasscutter farming and management PDF and become a smart, modern farmer right in your home compound.

Factors influencing the adoption of grasscutter production in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana

Although easy, you need to pay close attention to the requirements of farming snails to succeed. Most of the NGOs target women and the youth as their clients to support in grasscutter farming.

Various attempts have been made at farming the animal in Ghana over the past four 4 decades. Otherwise, the demand for grasscutters is growing by the day hence making it a viable venture more Ghanaians should consider.


The high sale of the grasscutter meat Houben makes its business not only profitable but also remunerative and very lucrative too Falconerif breeders will only be conscientious. Galloway A In: The best cities to visit gtasscutter Denmark The best cities to visit in Denmark 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys prodhction Ghana 15 surprisingly cheap bodybuilding foods for guys in Ghana.

Traditionally, livestock production in Ghana has been concentrated ghaja the northern sectors Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions because the savanna vegetation is suitable for providing feed for the animals. Facebook Twitter Google Print Email. Gerland also identified people issues which included cultural traditions, as among the major barriers to diffusion and adoption process. According to Pantanalimale adults are the sole decision-makers in most farming communities.

Participants were selected from 8 towns and villages in the Brong Ahafo region with the help of extension agents of MOFA and GTZ by using purposive and pproduction sampling Gallowayas explained below. The adopters were visited at their farm sites to help get accurate information whiles the non-adopters were reached in their homes.

Our trainees are always under our supervision for one 1 year for effective monitoring purposes after we have set them up, to enhance our on-the-job training with them ghxna their farms to ensure that they practice good grasscutter and rabbit husbandries. Its objective was to train and educate grass-cutter farmers on techniques and improved methods of rearing the grass-cutter for mass production.

Occupation Farmers, traders and civil servants constituted the occupational status of respondents Table 4. Traditionally, research has shown that there is positive correlation between level of education of farmers and the speed with which they pick an innovation Pantanali This suggests that, there is the need to develop other sources of acceptable meat in addition to conventional livestock.

Family property such as land and houses are directly controlled by the family heads who are usually adults.